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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 5
Karl 4
AmyJ 5
Johryn 3
Toadie 5
Performance of the Week:
There is no way I can single out someone this week because everyone gave their best. There are a couple of gems that I'd like to mention, though: 

During the funeral scene, Ben Browder is standing still, but he manages to convey exactly how John feels, the guilt, the love, the sorrow and the grieving. In the scene right after Aeryn crashes he thinks she's dead but she bob's to the surface calling his name and then isn't heard from again, Ben makes us feel the sorrow, then the hope, then the despair, everything Crichton has to be feeling. 

Claudia Black also has a few scenes that stand out in my mind: in the very first scene when Aeryn is trying to get Crichton to believe Scorpius isn't there, and again when she's trying to give John hope for a recovery. 

The directing couldn't have been better, either. Rowan Woods is always good, but this time his use of tight camera angles showcases the wide range of emotions essential to the story. Then there is the CGI team. It's hard to believe we're watching series television, it's that good. I also want to mention the music, especially that playing during Aeryn's funeral. It was a perfect fit for the scene, so good it made me cry. 

David Kemper's story: It all depends on the story and this one is a winner, an outstanding basis for everything else. 
Quote of the Week:
Aeryn: "Look, once the Diagnosan's finished with Moya, he's going to take a look at you."
John: "It won't help."
Aeryn: "I am reminded at this point of a word that you actually brought to this vessel. Hope." 
Creative Staff:
Writer: David Kemper
Director: Rowan Woods


Die Me Dichotomy

What a finale! Like Family Ties, last year's season ender, it was a very emotional episode, dealing with the death (or possible death) of a major character. Last year it was John and D'Argo, this year, Aeryn. In my opinion, it was the best Farscape episode to date, with a fantastic story which ends long before you want it to, outstanding performances by the entire cast, and more than enough cliff-hangers for everyone. 

Unanswered Questions: 
Moya: Will the remedy work? Yes, and they probably won't even mention it again. Will she lose the whole crew except Pilot? Of course not. 

Jothee: Was he telling the truth when he said he wasn't angry at D'Argo? Nope, I think he really blames D'Argo for his years of being chained in that mine. And this may be the second reason he's going after Chiana, revenge on his father. (The first reason is obvious). 

Stark: Was his strangeness just due to stress or does he really have a couple of short circuits? I think that when he's under pressure, he flips out. Not a good man to have in a crisis. And speaking of that, is he going to disappear for nine months again with no explanation the way he did last season? Nah, I think he'll hang around this time. 

Zhaan: Was she damaged by the Scorpius clone in John's head? A little bit, but now she'll strive for the next level of "P'auness" to help her through it. Will she accept Stark's proposal to share the future with him? Sure, I'll bet she does. They'll make a great couple. 

Chiana: Will she start up something with her hormones or will her heart rule? I'll vote for the hormones. I think she and Jothee will be an item because she doesn't want to be a farmer. And she did say that she stays too long in one place. D'Argo's perpetual bad mood will push her toward Jothee, too. 

Pilot: How will poor Pilot deal with the loss of his best friend? He already doesn't appear to be dealing too well with his sorrow. 

D'Argo: Will he lose Chiana to his son? I'm afraid so. Is he going to become a farmer? Not any time soon. 

Rygel: He's bought a ship with that enormous stone, so will he leave? Outside of the fact that he's a million-dollar actor TPTB won't want to waste, I think he'll stick around. He may leave for a bit (maybe part of the Season Three opener) but he'll be back. He needs the protection and besides, he's come to really care for the rest of the gang. 

Crais: What was that chip and what did he and Talyn learn from it that would have made Aeryn so happy? Where did he get the chip and when did he learn the information? Has he had it all along or did he just find it? I think it has something to do with her family. Maybe he knows who they are. He specifically mentioned his family, the way he grew up with love etc., and then talked about her emotional growth. 

Aeryn: Is Aeryn really dead? I don't think she is, but she's probably not going to be the same and she's probably not going to show up right away. Perhaps her Pilot DNA will help her recover, although it didn't do much for the paraphoral nerve problem she had in "Nerve". Will she go back to her Peacekeeper ways? Probably, a bit.. Will she even remember John and the rest of Moya's gang? Not for awhile, anyhow. Will she and Crais ride off into the sunset aboard Talyn, thinking that's where she belongs? That's my guess. 

John: Right now he's literally speechless and somewhat brainless. Will he regain his speech? It'll be an awfully long season 3 if he doesn't. Did he tell the Diagnosan to erase his memories of Aeryn? I have two theories on this: One that he did but the memories come creeping back over the next few episodes; and Two: He didn't but they got wiped out anyway and will return over the next few episodes. Who's going to fix him? I hope it isn't Grunchlk. Ew! Is Scorpius's clone completely gone from his brain? Probably. Next season will be "The Year of John the Vengeful". How will the rest of the crew treat him? They'll be a little standoffish at first, but they'll come around. I don't think they'll be too happy over his thirst for revenge, though, and try to get him to back off. 

John and Aeryn - the relationship: What's going to happen when they first see each other? Will they instantly remember their love? My guess is that they won't but they'll have flashes of the past. I really hope they don't have to start all over again. Maybe their roles will be reversed, with John being the cold unemotional one while Aeryn is softer, more expressive. 

Scorpius: Is he gone? No way. I think he's out for a while, but sooner or later John will have his revenge. Why did he let John live? He probably likes the idea of John being consumed by hatred and the desire for revenge and thinks that death would be too easy. 

Diagnosan Tocot: Why does he need a translator? Don't the microbes work for his language? I have no idea why. Is he really dead? Yes. Scorpius's bad breath finally killed someone. 

Grunchlk: Will he ever wash his face? Nah. 

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