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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 4
Karl 4
AmyJ 5
Johryn 5
Toadie 5
Performance of the Week:
Claudia Black shows a whole range of emotions this week. She's brought Aeryn a long way this year. Honorable mention, Talyn.
Quote of the Week:
Crais: "How long has Scorpius held Crichton?"
Aeryn: "Four arns"
Crais: "Then I recommend you bring down a basket without any holes so that Crichton's liquid remains are not lost. He's already dead, Aeryn." 
Creative Staff:
Writer: Justin Monjo
Director: Tony Tilse 


Liars, Guns & Money III: Plan B

After parts one and two, Moya is left floating in space with 10th degree burns, John is in Scorpius's claws, the crew is surrounded by unpaid desperados and there seems to be no way out. There is so much going on in this episode that I decided to give my thoughts as I watched it rather than try to give a coherent synopsis. 

What is that thing? I thought the Aurora Chair was bad but that at least had a comfy chair. This thing looks like a ball of metal string. Poor John is tied to the top and hanging over the edges while Scorpy skulks around him wearing his evil grin. The look on D'Argo's face when Bekhesh proclaims himself to be the "Holy Warrior of Tarou" is hysterical. 

Now we have everybody pointing guns at everybody else and Stark (who's more than a little whacko if you ask me) is trying to talk sense into them. 
Frau Blucher's doing WHAT to John? And with those fingernails, too. 
Talyn's coming to Moya's rescue! He's going to give her the nutrients she needs to stay alive. 

Blooper Alert #1: What's this? Pilot calls Talyn "her"? Shame on you Pilot. I know you're under stress, but you really should know the gender of your stepchildren. 

Rygel's new best friend is a Durka-sicle. 

These bad guys don't seem to be the most intelligent bunch of criminals I've ever seen. And Stark's the one planning John's rescue. Quite a combination. 
I keep waiting for Jothee to say, "I VOW, I will NEVER be taken PRISONER again". After all, D'Argo says this every other episode…usually right before he's taken prisoner again. 

Aeryn's very romantic proposition to Crais: "Take what you want and I won't stop you". Sigh. How could he refuse? 

Boy, that Natira is really creepy. Is John crazy, inviting her into his head? Oh, wait a minute…yeah, I guess he is a little crazy, isn't he? 

The A-Team is on the move. Unfortunately, the A stands for awful. The Bloodtracker can't track and the Sheyang can't produce flame. Bekhesh, the Tavlek, disappears when he's supposed to be helping Rorf, who gets captured by Scorpius. 
John's expressionless face as Natira takes Rorf's eye. 

Jothee's "Oh, come on, Dad" look when D'Argo tells him he has to stay home. I think D'Argo's going to have his hands full with that one. 

Oh, brother, Natira's after Crichton's eyes now. What could she possibly do with this eyeball collection, anyway? 

Blooper Alert #2: Natira' mouth says "what the hell is that?" while her voice says "what the frell is that?" 

Here comes Moya! Chiana's screaming the UT equivalent of 'YiiiiiHaaa!" while Moya does her fly-by. The ship must really be moving, too. The windows all blow in as she passes. 

"Do you think there's anyone on the other side of this door?" 

Aeryn's night vision thing isn't working. I guess she really doesn't need it though, there are a lot of little yellow bolts of light flying around brightening up the place. 
Who taught these Peacekeepers to shoot, anyhow? Maybe that's one of the reasons they're stationed so far out in the Uncharted Territories. And maybe it's like David Kemper said: they're so far out that their paychecks are always late. They really aren't trying all that hard. 

They should get a little advice on stop, drop and roll too. Nobody's paying any attention to that poor guy who's on fire. I mean, the guy's on FIRE, and nobody's even looking at him. 

Scorpy's clone has wandering hands. This Natira character must have more sex appeal than I can see. 

Boy, Rygel really wants to be the getaway driver. No way is Jothee going to drive the transport pod if Rygel has anything to growl about it. I'm really glad to see that he's looking out for someone other than himself. Or is it the thought of all that loot rather than Crichton's rescue that has him doing his part? 

John is standing in the middle of the corridor screaming while everyone shoots around him. Actually, that's probably the safest place to be, the way these guys shoot. 

The Zenetan Pirate has Moya caught in the flax! Uh oh, he's in cahoots with Scorpy! Talyn's back again…and he's shooting! Boy, can that kid shoot! He has a much better aim than all of those Peacekeepers put together. So much for the flax net. One pirate down and one to go. Nice shot, Chiana. 

Crais tells the truth when he says Talyn came on his own when he could have claimed the idea was his own. The guy does have a sense of honor. 
Whoa, the CGI is fantastic this time out, especially the collapsing building. Moya's fly-by was pretty cool, too. 

Has John been trying to kill himself? The poor guy's a mess. That pulse gun on the table and his unfinished, "I've been trying to…" makes me think so. Look at his eyes! I don't think even Natira would want them now. He wants D'Argo to kill him and D'Argo looks like he's going to cry. 

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