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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 4
Karl 5
AmyJ 5
Johryn 4
Toadie 5
Performance of the Week:
Virginia Hey and Gigi Edgley outdid themselves while their characters were worrying about setting Moya on fire and regretting having done so.
Quote of the Week:
Scorpius: "The task is almost completed. It wasn't easy - there are vast regions of your brain that are filled with nothing but gibberish."
Crichton: "That would be high school."
Creative Staff:
Writer: Naren Shankar
Director: Catherine Millar


Liars, Guns & Money II:

With Friends Like These

Last episode, the Hole in the Sky gang went to nearly impossible lengths to steal the currency necessary to purchase D'Argo's son from the slave traders. In the first few minutes of this episode we learn that it was all for nothing. Worse than nothing, actually. The money isn't money at all but ingot-shaped parasites that get up and begin munching on Moya the minute the crew's backs are turned. When they arrive at the slave auction, they find that Jothee has already been bought by Scorpius, who will kill him if John doesn't surrender.

John has a plan. The crew will fan out, following Pilot's directions, and collect a bunch of their former enemies: a Vorcarian Bloodtracker to find Jothee, a Sheyang for their fire-spitting ability, a Zenetan pirate to gain access to the flax net, and a Tavloid (it's John's plan) for their gauntlet weapons. They'll "go in hot", kill Scorpius, and rescue Jothee. (And maybe while they're flying through the Uncharted Territories hunting for these people, they should take a quick look around to see if any of Stark's marbles are floating nearby. He seems to be missing a few.)
They find one of each of the species, but they're not exactly the A Team. The Blood Tracker doesn't have much of a sense of smell. It's his mate who does the sniff work and she's staying behind. The Sheyang is half dead, and the fireballs he spits are pretty pathetic. Bekhesh (the Tavlek) is half way between a murderous drug addict and a saint, and the Zenetan pirate is, at best, a second banana.

They come back to find poor Moya has been terribly burned and that the fire was set by her own crew. They had discovered that the only way to prevent the metalites from devouring Moya was to burn them. Moya's corridors are black with soot and she's in dreadful pain. They have no way to relieve her pain, no ability to StarBurst away, no money, nothing to pay the bunch of desperados with, no Jothee. The situation is not good.

While D'Argo's ranting to Aeryn about Crichton, the transport pod returns and Jothee comes out. How did he get away from Scorpius? Uh oh! John went and did it…he turned himself in in exchange for Jothee's freedom. Now Scorpy's practically drooling over the chance to dig around in John's brain and John looks terrified. To be continued.

This episode isn't as fast-paced or action-oriented as Part One, but it has so many little gems that you need to watch it several times to catch them all. Some of my favorites:
Stark slowly creeping into a corner and cowering there while D'Argo rants at John

The look on Aeryn's face when Stark began screaming over the deaths of his people

Tears running down D'Argo's cheeks when he describes to Chiana how much he wanted to turn Crichton in to Scorpy

Braca in the background, always watching Scorpy, always looking disgusted.

The similarities between Natira's and Scorpy's leather masks - she apparently had something to do with Scorpy's being the way he is.

Scorpius and Natira's inability to understand why Jothee hates neither Sebaceans nor Luxans

Chiana's mimic of D'Argo's speech patterns when she's screaming at Stark

Weird alien sex is very weird

Zhaan and Chiana suffering over having to set Moya on fire

Rygel's glee over murdering Durka

Pilot reaching out his claw to Chiana for comfort

Aeryn's expression changing as she realizes why Jothee is free

John, trying so hard to look unafraid but looking terrified. Ben Browder did a fantastic job with this scene.

I have a couple of gripes with this episode too.

Why did they kill off a great villain like Durka so easily? Rygel had spent so many cycles in fear of the man that killing him so easily seemed like a throwaway.

Why did Scorpy and Natira kill off thousands of Banak slaves? They could have sold them or traded them for something.

How did the crew manage to find only the one representative of each race that they had clashed with previously? 

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