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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 5
Karl 3
AmyJ 5
Johryn 5
Toadie 5
Performance of the Week:
This time out, it's Ben Browder, no doubt about it. He's really fantastic, especially during his escape from Scorpius
Quote of the Week:
John: "If Scorpius gets me..."
Aeryn: "I know. Shoot you"
John: "No! No no no! Shoot HIM!"
Creative Staff:
Writer: Grant McAloon
Director: Andrew Prowse


Liars, Guns & Money I : Not So Simple A Plan

Just when I didn't think Farscape could get any better, it does. This is the best yet. It has everything I love so much about Farscape: superior character interaction, fantastic performances, action, romance, danger and a whole lot of surprises. Even though I read every spoiler I could find before the show aired, it still exceeded my expectations, and they were really high to begin with.

It starts out slowly with everyone squabbling over where to go next. Zhaan's been getting messages from Stark telling her to come rescue him from wherever he is (the Dead Zone, I guess). Nobody believes her. They all want to break off the search and head for the slave auctions where D'Argo's son Jothee is about to be sold. When Stark actually shows up, he has a plan to rescue Jothee - rob a bank and use the money to buy him from the auction block.

After a few arguments and false starts, Butch, Sundance and the Hole in the Sky gang get their act together and begin their ill-fated attempt to steal the currency they need. Each will have a role to play.

Stark: Creator and director of the plan. He will remain back in the hideout (on Moya) and run the heist from there.
D'Argo: Inside man. He'll go into the depository and breach their security codes. While the codes are being reset, Stark can link in.
Chiana: Getaway driver and general wiseguy. She'll assist Zhaan however she's needed.
Zhaan: As consigliere to Stark, Zhaan has two jobs. First, she'll concoct a batch of knockout gas and second, she'll make a deposit.
Rygel: The deposit. Zhaan's gas will put him into a state where no life signs are detectable. When he wakes inside the vault, he'll swap access codes, allowing Zhaan to retrieve someone else's goodies. 
Butch and Sundance aren't part of the original plan. In fact they don't even know about it until D'Argo takes off in the transport pod. And that's when it starts to go wrong. In other words, immediately.

As soon as John and Aeryn realize that D'Argo's on his way to the depository, they jump into the prowler and take off after him ready to drag him back to Moya by the tentacles, if necessary. They watch as D'Argo does his job and he gets captured. While he's being tortured by the freaky banker, a spiky blue reptile-looking alien named Natira, John and Aeryn return to Moya where they confront Stark, who then fills them in on the plan.

Zhaan and Chiana gas Rygel, pack him in his form-fitting container (some great CGI here) and the whole gang heads for the bank to make their deposit. They tell Natira that D'Argo is their operative and was sent to test the bank's security and they want him back. Chiana takes him back to Moya while John is seeing and hearing Scorpius around every corner and Aeryn's got that desperate look that women get when their loved ones are sick.

But it turns out that Scorpius really is there. He's come, along with his attendant and Lt. Braca, to claim his property. (Every time we see a close-up of Braca looking at Scorpius, he seems to be thinking, "Ewwww!' I'm wondering if he's going to be our next ex-Peacekeeper. I hope so, I kind of like him.) John and Aeryn watch through security cameras as his attendant changes the cooling rods in his head and Zhaan completes her deposit. She barely makes it out without Scorpius seeing her and once again they all head back to Moya, minus Rygel who's still in his container in the vault.

When Natira heard about the destruction of the Gammak base (see the review of season one's "Family Ties"), she assumed that Scorpius had been killed and she seized his property. He demands restitution of triple the value and she obliges him a little too easily, but Scorpy isn't suspicious. He probably thinks it's his masculine charms that have won her over.

Meanwhile back on Moya, John asks Zhaan to cook up a batch of something that will react (explode) with heat. When they return to the planet to retrieve Zhaan's deposit, he takes the only chance he'll probably ever get. While Scorpius and Natira are playing Discovery Channel, John tries really hard to slather the gel on the cooling rods, but the Scorpy chip in his head won't let him so Aeryn takes over and finishes the job.

Rygel did his part, switching Zhaan's container for Scorpius's which turned out to be very demanding job for the little guy. (I've heard that he did all his own stunt work for this episode.) Zhaan retrieves the crate and they're all just about ready to get away when Scorpius retrieves his container. Only it isn't his. The instant he hears that it was deposited by a Delvian who was traveling with a Nebari, a Luxan and two Sebaceans, he knows that it's Crichton.

Now it really gets exciting! Alarms go off all over the place, doors slam down, and guards are everywhere. Stark doesn't have a clue how to get them out, Scorpy's burning up cooling rods at an incredible rate, and poor John is a mental train wreck. D'Argo knocks Stark out and takes over, finally coming up with the door codes. They all pile through and John goes back to seal the doors while the others load up the loot.

Of course, Scorpy comes along when John's alone and grabs him. John finally finds out that Scorpy really did put something in his brain, and it's been growing! Scorpius has a problem of his own - the cooling rod badly needs changing, but when his attendant takes out the old one, the gel explodes, killing her. Scorpius and the Scorpy thing in John's head both try to force John to put in the new coolant rod. Through pure force of will, John manages to pull away. Bellowing out "The Star Spangled Banner", John drags himself away, inch by inch. We can hear his voice fading in the distance as we see Scorpy's hand stretching toward, but not quite reaching, the cooling rod. Fade out.

Back on Moya, they're celebrating their newfound wealth and the soon-to-be reunion of D'Argo and Jothee. John tells Aeryn about the chip and how hard it was to let Scorpius die. He thinks he's killed Scorpius but if I were John I wouldn't believe it until I saw his rotting corpse. (Although I have no idea how he'll be able to tell the difference.)

And the money. Remember the money? Well, it seems that Natira isn't quite as charmed with Scorpius as he thought. The money comes alive and crawls out of its containers. And it's hungry!

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