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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 4
Karl 4
AmyJ 4
Johryn 4
Toadie 3
Performance of the Week:
Gigi Edgley takes Chiana through a wide range of emotions this week, and she does it very well. At the beginning she is proud of obtaining the info for D’Argo and defiant about her methods for doing so. When Varla appears, she’s terrified for her friends and for herself. She’s melancholy while telling Crichton about Nerri. She’s in agony from the control collar. And at the end, she’s broken-hearted when Meelak refuses to take her to Nerri.
Quote of the Week:
Rygel: "I'm nobody's puppet!"
Creative Staff:
Writers: Lily Taylor Director: Rowan Woods


A Clockwork Nebari

John and Chiana return to Moya with information that Chiana obtained (by her usual method) about D’Argo’s son. When Aeryn and Rygel show up a bit later, they have a new attitude and a new friend. The Nebari have arrived on Moya and they’ve brought along their mind-cleansing equipment. This nifty little apparatus yanks your eyeballs out of your head, attaches a drug-injecting device, pops the eyes back in and, voilà (!) you belong to the Nebari. Temporarily. But the drug only works as advertised on D’Argo, Aeryn, and Zhaan. Rygel’s metabolism eliminates it quickly, Chiana is never susceptible to the temporary mind-cleanse, Pilot is only manageable through a bisaric acid-filled control collar, and John’s earlier mind-frell by Scorpy helps him overcome the drug.

The two visitors, Varla and Meelak, are part of a grand plan to eliminate all violent and aggressive behavior in the galaxy, and they’ll kill anyone who gets in their way. For the past twenty cycles the Nebari have been infecting some of their unwitting citizens with an std and sending them throughout the galaxy to share. At a predetermined time, the Nebari will move in and take over the planets that have been thrown into chaos by this disease. Chiana’s brother Nerri, who she learns is still alive, is a leader of the Resistance and a threat to their plan, and Varla is determined to use Chiana to get to him.

The four crew members who escaped the drug control hatch a plan to fool Varla into thinking they are under attack by the Peacekeepers. Crichton does something to Moya’s amnexus conduits and Pilot is able to fabricate a realistic attack by Bialar Crais’s command carrier. (If the acting gig doesn’t work out for Pilot, he can always get a job in CGI). Unfortunately, Varla sees through their plan but Meelak, who’s actually part of the Resistance with Nerri, comes to the rescue.

A Clockwork Nebari seems to hint at what’s to come in the final four episodes of the second season. Some things I’ll be watching for are D’Argo’s search for his son, rifts in the Chiana/D’Argo and Aeryn/John relationships, Crichton walking closer to the edge of insanity due to the Scorpius-chip in his head, perhaps a Chiana/Crichton – or even an Aeryn/Crais – romance, and the reappearance of Nerri.

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