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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 4
Karl 4
AmyJ 5
Johryn 2
Toadie 3
Performance of the Week:
The CG team did some outstanding work this week. The explosion of the Plocavian ship was shown from several different angles, with debris flying and sparks shooting all over the place. The capture of the transport pod by the Plocavian ship was also very well done.
Quote of the Week:
D'Argo: "I've become so distrustful of people, even when they're trying to help me. What does that say about what I've become?"
Creative Staff:
Writers: Gabrielle Stanton & Harry Werksman, Jr. Director: Tony Tilse 


The Ugly Truth

Crais, claiming that Talyn is becoming too difficult to control, comes looking for assistance. He wants to replace Talyn's main cannon with a dampening net, a weapon sold by the Plocavians. While Moya's crew is in the process of arguing the merits of this with Crais, the Plocavian arms dealers come along. Talyn's cannon fires and destroys them and their ship. Talyn and Crais StarBurst away just before another Plocavian ship arrives and takes the transport pod into it's dampening net, rendering the crew unconscious. These are the events we see during the first few minutes of the show. During the rest of the hour, we see and hear how Aeryn, Zhaan, Stark, D'Argo, and John perceived these incidents.

The Plocavians, who are not only dreadful looking but are sensitive about it, take them individually for interrogation. They each have a different version of how the cannon fired: Aeryn, trying to protect Talyn, claims that the cannon malfunctioned; Zhaan, thinking Stark did it, claims it was a weapons console malfunction; Stark, who hates Peacekeepers claims that Crais fired the cannon; D'Argo, who is angry with Stark and actually believes he saw him do it, says Stark fired the cannon; Crichton, wanting to save everyone, says it malfunctioned. Each one sees himself as the hero of his/her own story and the differences in their eyewitness accounts are sometimes subtle and sometimes pronounced. Aeryn believes that she could have controlled Talyn but the others dragged her back to the transport pod. Zhaan remembers herself as bringing up several key points that no one else had thought of. Stark sees Crichton and Zhaan agreeing with him all the time. D'Argo sees Stark as a sniveling fool who cowers from the Plocavians. And Crichton remembers everyone calling the Plocavians "Plocavoids." The Plocavians decide to execute everyone, but Stark steps forward to take the blame knowing there is a small chance he will survive dispersal. When the truth comes out at the end, we discover that Talyn, learning from Moya that the Plocavians carried novatron gas, fired his own cannon to protect his mother.

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