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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 3
Karl 2
AmyJ 1
Johryn 3
Toadie 4
Performance of the Week:
Ben Browder & Claudia Black: Both Ben Browder and Claudia Black did a fantastic job of acting like old people. The creature shop did a wonderful job with the makeup and prosthetics, but this alone won't make a person seem old. Ben and Claudia changed their voices, their body language, the way they reacted to each other. Even their aches and pains seem real.
Quote of the Week:
Aeryn: "Let's get back to Moya."
Crichton: "Goin' home! Goin' home."
Creative Staff:
Writers: Justin Monjo Director: Ian Watson


The Locket

When Aeryn returns, overdue, from the reconnaissance of a stellar mist, she claims to have lived for 165 cycles since she left Moya. Although she looks very old, nobody believes her when she insists that she must go back to her granddaughter, who is waiting on the planet. She warns the crew to get out of the mist where they've been hiding from the Peacekeepers, sneaks back to the transport pod, and returns to the surface. Crichton follows her with the intention of bringing her back, but she refuses to leave. Ennixx, her granddaughter, comes along, warning him to leave her grandmother alone. When Ennixx learns who he is, both she and John finally believe in Aeryn's "other life." The mist closes and Moya disappears for another 55 cycles (Brigadoon, anyone?) marooning John on the Favored Planet with Aeryn. Meanwhile on Moya, Zhaan and Stark (he's back!) share unity to understand what's going on, and the crew decides to wait the 8 arns (55 cycles in Aeryn years) it will take for John and Aeryn to return

We get a brief glimpse into their lives over the next half century, and it's beautiful to watch. We can see how they've come to cherish each other through the years, living and working together and waiting for their friends to return. But John is always afraid to look into Aeryn's locket, where she carries the picture of the man she says is "the only love of my life." After 55 cycles pass, Moyadoon appears out of the mist and they head back up to the ship. But, before they arrive, Aeryn dies. Crichton is inconsolable, telling her how he misses her already and that he loves her. He opens the locket she's been wearing for a couple of hundred cycles to find his own picture.

When Moya tries a reverse StarBurst to escape from the rapidly hardening mist, she gets stuck in time (or more accurately, out of time). But Zhaan, with the help of Stark, is able to keep John in real time long enough to manually initiate the StarBurst and set the clock back to a time just before they entered the mist. Even though almost the entire episode is erased, we learn that D'Argo's son is about to be sold into slavery, John feels that Moya is now home, John is the love of Aeryn's life, Stark is back (maybe the transport pods have a homing device?), the D'Argo/Chiana relationship is in trouble, Aeryn will make a beautiful old lady, and Crichton and Aeryn sense that something important has happened between them.

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