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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 4
Karl 3
AmyJ 3
Johryn 4
Toadie 3
Performance of the Week:
Rygel does some of his best acting in this episode, evoking a wide range of emotions in the viewer. From pathetic and goo-covered after his rescue from the cocoon, to incredibly menacing as the shape-shifter, Rygel has truly given an Emmy-worthy performance.
Quote of the Week:
Chiana: "What'd you expect me to use? Harsh language?" (originally from Aliens)
Creative Staff:
Writers: Naren Shankar Director: Tony Tilse


Beware of Dog

After returning from a supply-run, the crew suspects a parasitic infestation in some food they've purchased. Chiana and D'Argo come back to Moya with a vorc (which looks like a cross between Yoda, E.T. and my Uncle Bob) that is supposed to track down the parasite and kill it. Nose twitching and ears flapping, the little fella immediately escapes from his cage and, to the tune of some great walkin' music, begins to hunt the parasite. Soon, D'Argo is attacked by a creature assumed to be the invader and drops to the floor in a deadly faint. What follows is a convoluted search for the vorc and hunt for the parasite, which may or may not be the same creature.

Meanwhile, Crichton is having problems of his own with visions of Scorpius appearing all over the ship. Are they hallucinations or has Scorpius planted seeds of insanity in John's mind? This plot twist remains unresolved, and the end of the episode finds Crichton sitting alone, once again listening to Scorpy's whispered threats.

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