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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 4
Karl 3
AmyJ 4
Johryn 4
Toadie 3
Performance of the Week:
Claudia Black did a wonderful job with the barren lands scenes. No stunt doubles were used during the climbing bits (although doubles did make the fall), and scary as it must have been for her, she managed to look capable and at ease hanging from the side of a rock wall. In the final scene with Crichton she showed Aerynís feelings of fear of commitment before the kiss and her relief and happiness after it.
Quote of the Week:
John: " "
Aeryn: " "
(because sometimes saying nothing at all is most powerful)
Creative Staff:
Writers: David Kemper Director: Andrew Prowse & Tony Tilse 


Look at the Princess III: The Maltese Crichton

Prince Clavor and the Scarran chop the head off of Johnís statue (and Johnís head inside of it) and throw it into a vat of acid. Scorpius finds the head by tracking its DNA and rescues it from the vat, but has no plans to retrieve Johnís body because itís only the brain he needs to get the wormhole technology. But before he can get away with the head Jena, the Peacekeeper Disruptor, knocks him out and rescues John, putting his head back on his body and destatueizing him. She helps him to her camp on a lake and, after slapping him around a bit, gets his life story. They make a deal: John will help her prevent Clavor from becoming emperor and she will help him get what he wants but, because of some carnivorous animals, they have to wait until the next morning to put their plan into effect.

Kahaynu is about to leave Moya and Pilot to their dying, but Zhaan and one of the DRDs (the one Crichton repaired in Premier) have rigged the Farscape module to suck in his smoke cloud. Zhaan thinks sheís killed him, but he soon pops back out of his cloud and tells her itís all been a test (which she passed) to discover if she was worthy of protecting Moya.

Aeryn is rock climbing in the barren lands with Dregon, who had claimed to be an expert, but this turns out to be his first outdoor climb. When Aeryn tries to help him get up the wall he falls, taking her with him. She ends up with a broken leg, dragging Dregon across the barren lands. During the evening, they have a talk and he helps Aeryn to see why sheís having such a problem with making an emotional commitment to John.

Scorpius and the Scarran abduct Chiana, thinking she knows how to find Crichton. DíArgo goes to Rygel who agrees to float above the city and learn what he can to find her location. Meanwhile the Scarran kills Clavor and plans to torture Crichtonís whereabouts out of Chiana. But before he has a chance to do any permanent damage, Crichton kills him and, although John has a chance to kill Scorpius as well, he doesnít.

In the final scenes we learn that John is unable to go through the statue machine again because heís not Sebacean, the princess is pregnant with his baby girl, and Counselor Tyno will take Johnís place as ruler with Katralla. Back on Moya once again, Aeryn and John take the DNA test at Aerynís instigation and although no words are spoken, their beautiful smiles tell us the results.

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