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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 4
Karl 2
AmyJ 4
Johryn 4
Toadie 3
Performance of the Week:
Ben Browder gave an inspired performance, especially during the scenes on the gift barge. John alternates between desperate and crazy, comical and terrified, all within a few minutes. Honorable mention goes to Felix Williamson, who plays a wonderful Prince Clavor the Whiney.

Quote of the Week:
Chiana: "Look Aeryn, all men are stupid, okay? Men. Stupid. If you want them to know something, you gotta tell them."
Creative Staff:
Writers: David Kemper Director: Andrew Prowse & Tony Tilse 


Look at the Princess II: I Do... I Think

It seems that Clavor’s fiancée isn’t quite as insipid as she appeared in Part One. She’s actually a Peacekeeper Disruptor sent to the Royal Planet to ensure that Clavor doesn’t accede to the throne. Assuming that Crichton is also a Peacekeeper, she quickly eliminates his attackers and tries to learn about his mission, but for obvious reasons, he refuses to tell her. The Princess doesn’t believe that her brother had the guts to order John’s assassination, and while she’s berating him there’s another strike, this time in the form of a gas dispersing metal ball. They are saved by ro-NA, the little royal tailor who’s been with the family since Katralla was a child. Empress Novia takes Rygel’s advice and arranges for Crichton to be stashed on a cargo vessel belonging to ro-NA’s people. No one is supposed to know where he is but ro-NA, who the Empress considers above reproach, takes a bribe from Scorpius and betrays John. When they arrive at the hideout, Lt. Braca, one of Scorpy’s officers, is waiting for them. Several minutes of insanity follow, during which ro-NA is killed, Braca jumps ship, and Crichton hears Scorpius in his head demanding that he save himself.

Meanwhile, Moya’s god, Kahaynu, arrives via a smoke cloud and tells Zhaan that he’s come to "decommission" Moya because she gave birth to a gunship. At the suggestion of Kahaynu, Moya begins to shut herself off and she speaks, for the first time, to Zhaan and Pilot telling them that this is what she wants.

Once he’s back on the planet, Aeryn tries to convince him to either fight or run away, but she still won’t make any emotional commitment and John decides that he must go through with the wedding. Aeryn, unable to commit and unable to prevent John’s marriage in any other way, runs off to explore the barren lands with Dregon, a man who’s been hitting on her since she first arrived on the planet. John goes ahead with the wedding and immediately after the ceremony, is turned into a statue. To Be Continued.

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