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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 4
Karl 4
AmyJ 1
Johryn 4
Toadie 3
Performance of the Week:
The acting, directing, and filming were so well done throughout this episode that I never lost the feeling there actually were three separate Crichtons. Cave-Crichton, while looking more like an animal, came across as the warmer and more caring of the replicants. Futuro on the other hand, seemed cold and emotionless. Ben gave each of them different facial expressions, body language, speech pattern, and mannerisms.
Quote of the Week:
Crichton: "I always thought I was a good guy, Chiana, but it was the least developed one of me, the one I thought least likely, who did the right thing."
Creative Staff:
Writers: Gabrielle Stanton & Harry Werksman, Jr. Director: Catherine Millar


My Three Crichtons

A strange ball of energy enters Moya through her hull and checks out each of the crew in turn. When it comes to Crichton, it hovers over his head for a few seconds then engulfs him. Aeryn shoots at the thing with her pulse gun while it’s hovering, and with her prowler after it sucks John in, but this has no immediate effect. When it does finally spit him out, it flings him across the room and quickly tosses "another critter" after him. While John is recovering he sends Chiana to his quarters for extra clothing and she discovers the creature hiding there. He looks like a cave-man version of John and he, apparently, thinks he looks exactly like John until he gets a glimpse of himself in the mirror. She brings her new friend along to introduce him to everyone else, but he doesn’t have his party manners on and when John pushes him away, Cave-Crichton attacks him. Zhaan injects him with a sedative and while they’re trying to decide what to do about him the energy sphere fires up again and another Crichton pops out, this one a future version.

John and Futuro each come up with the idea of using the defense screen to counteract the effect of the energy ball, which is trying to pull Moya through a dimensional hole. However, the screen will only protect them for about three arns so they must find a more permanent solution. The sphere sends a message, translated to the Crichtons’ brain wave patterns, demanding the return of one of them. Cave-Crichton assumes that he will be the one to return, and Futuro also wants to return Cave-Crichton, but John is adamant about looking for another solution. When they run out of time, John hunts up Cave-Crichton by looking where he himself would go to hide, but a belated attack of conscience prevents him from turning him in. Futuro insists that he himself should be the one to stay because he has so much going for him, and after a bit of soul-searching, John offers to take the dive. Just as he’s poised to enter the sphere, Cave-Crichton comes along and clobbers Futuro, killing him. He tells John that he accepts his fate, tosses Futuro over his shoulder and goes back into the sphere. The final scene shows John first clutching his flight suit and then burying his face in it.

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