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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 3
Karl 1
AmyJ 2
Johryn 3
Toadie 1
Performance of the Week:
The makeup team and the Creature Shop outdid themselves this week. Virginia Hey as a blossoming Zhaan was wonderfully done. BíSogg was mighty ugly with that crack in his head. It was awful. And thatís good.
Quote of the Week:
Crichton: "What should be easy is never easy."
Creative Staff:
Writers: Gabrielle Stanton and Harry Werksman, Jr. Director: Rowan Woods 


Home On The Remains

The crew is starving. John is frying up dentics for breakfast, Zhaan is sprouting buds, and Chiana is promising a good meal if they pay a visit to a former home of hers, an enormous rotting corpse called a budong. While Aeryn remains on board Moya with Zhaan, everyone else goes in search of food at the mining colony on the budong. But when they arrive, Chiana's contact, Temmon, is dying after an attack by the keedva (a creature that skulks through the mine tunnels and looks like an ape-dog Halloween costume) so they must find another way to get food. Temmon's brother B'Sogg, the apparent leader of the colony, gives John some food, but when he presents it to Zhaan she refuses it. She needs meat, not ... whatever that stuff is, so it's back to the budong.

Rygel's attempt to get food by cheating at deemo is foiled by a more accomplished cheater, and when Chiana tries to vamp B'Sogg into giving them food D'Argo has a jealous fit. Altana (an old friend of Chiana's) wants to help, but the keedva's attacks have closed the mines. D'Argo agrees to act as bodyguard/mining assistant, but the creature kills Altana, injures D'Argo, and chases Crichton onto Rygel's thronesled - the best moment in the show.

Meanwhile, Aeryn is trying to help Zhaan stave off the budding process, but everything she does is wrong and Zhaan's buds grow while Aeryn's allergic reactions to them get worse. As the spores fill the ship, Pilot must expel all the air to protect Moya. When Aeryn tries to bring Zhaan to the safety of Pilot's chamber, she's nowhere to be found and Pilot must depressurize, knowing that it means Zhaan's death. When the keedva next attacks we learn that it's under B'Sogg's control and he sics it on John, who kills it. Of course, Zhaan isn't dead, and Crichton's Carolina barbecued keedva saves her (and everyone else) from starvation.

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