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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 5
Karl 5
AmyJ 5
Johryn 5
Toadie 2
Performance of the Week:
Claudia Black gives her best performance to date as Aeryn Sun. She shows us so many facets to Aeryn's character that we haven't seen before, taking us from defiance and anger through hurt, remorse and guilt. The emotional scenes between Aeryn and Pilot were so realistic that it didn't occur to me until later that I was watching Claudia interact with a puppet.
Quote of the Week:
Crichton: "We all have things in our pasts that we'd rather not have on instant replay."
Creative Staff:
Writer: Justin Monjo Director: Ian Watson 


The Way We Weren't

During one of her explorations into Moya's little-used spaces, Chiana finds a Peacekeeper surveillance recording. She plays it back, first for Crichton, then for the rest of the crew (with the exception of Pilot). The recording shows that Aeryn was aboard Moya when Pilot arrived and that, as a Peacekeeper soldier, she took part in the slaughter of the ship's original pilot. Through a series of flashbacks, we learn that Aeryn was a Prowler pilot recently transferred to transport duty. She brought aboard a tech crew, whose duty was to either force Moya's pilot to succumb to PK experiments or replace her with a new pilot. When she refused, the soldiers opened fire and a new pilot (our Pilot) was installed. The head of the PK tech crew, Velorek, artificially bonded Pilot to Moya and tortured the her into accepting him. He also foiledCaptain Crais's scheme for experimentation. Aeryn and Velorek had become lovers during this time, but Aeryn's desire for Prowler duty overcame her desire for Velorek and she informed Crais of his plan to interfere with the experiments. Crais disposed of Velorek in good Peacekeeper fashion - probably torture and death - and Aeryn returned to Prowler duty.

When Pilot gets hold of the tape he goes into a rage, attacking and nearly killing Aeryn. Through watching Aeryn's reactions to her flashbacks, we learn just how much she's changed since the events of three cycles ago. She's nearly overwhelmed by remorse and guilt and, for the first time, opens up to Crichton, telling him about her time with Velorek. Pilot also reveals himself through flashbacks. His guilt over the murder of the other pilot is so great that he yanks out the fibers binding him to Moya, leaving her and all of her passengers adrift. Pilot and Aeryn have a tearful conversation in which they each come to terms with the past. D'Argo assists Pilot to bond with Moya in a natural way, and for the first time, bonding is pain-free for Pilot.

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