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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 5
Karl 5
AmyJ 5
Johryn 5
Toadie 5
Performance of the Week:
Ben Browder is a shoo-in this week. He took Crichton from semi-normal through paranoid, hostile, insanely funny, and poignant. And he did it all very well.

Quote of the Week:
Crichton: "Humans are
 S U P E R I O R!"
Creative Staff:
Writer: Naren Shankar Director: Tony Tilse


Crackers Don't Matter

After a food run to a nearby planet, the crew returns to Moya with a huge supply of crackers and a weird little snake oil salesman called T'raltixx, who promises to adjust Moya's systems so that bounty hunters will be unable to track them. To accomplish this, they must travel to his planet's transformation yards, one day past the five pulsars. T'raltixx admits that these pulsars trigger distrust, but only in lesser species and ungifted menials, so no problem, right? While we watch, sanity diminishes and paranoia reigns. This is sometimes hilarious, sometimes frightening, sometimes downright nasty; and nearly always entertaining. Meanwhile, T'raltixx continually plays on Pilot's insecurities, demanding more and still more light which only makes the crew act even weirder. When things are at their worst though, the crew finally comes together, declares that only Crichton is deficient enough to do the job, and sends him off to kill T'raltixx.

This whole episode comes together amazingly well, mixing some of Farscape's darkest moments (John attacking Chiana in the passageway; D'Argo stuffing crackers into poor Rygel's mouth; Crichton and Aeryn throwing hurtful insults at each other) together with some of its brightest (Scorpius appearing to John in a dreadful Australian shirt and suggesting they drink Margarita shooters and eat Eye-talian, John's whole routine while trying to convince everyone that he's most qualified to hunt down T'raltixx, Rygel's snide little smile as he runs the Farscape for more that 10 microts, and one of the funniest scenes I've ever watched-the donning of the vestments, transforming John Crichton into Captain Humanity)

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