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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 2
Karl 3
AmyJ 3
Johryn 2
Toadie 2
Performance of the Week:
Gigi Edgely is always wonderful as Chiana, but this week she outdoes herself in her portrayals of grief and rebellion, which are outstanding. Even though I felt like giving Chiana a good shake many times during the show, I could see how much the loss of her brother was hurting her.
Quote of the Week:
Chiana: "Letís get out of this dead place"
Creative Staff:
Writer: Justin Monjo Director: Rowan Woods


Taking the Stone

Chiana learns, through the life-disk implanted in her body, that her brother, Nerri, has died. Hurt and confused, she steals Aerynís prowler and heads for the gloomiest place I ever saw, the Royal Cemetery Planet, where she intends to work out her grief. The inhabitants of this planet are all quite young because by the time they reach early adulthood they develop a wasting disease. At this point they either become one of the lost people (a disease-ridden group that lurks around the edges of the community) or take the stone (a euphemism for suicide). The local pastime is cliff-jumping from the edge of a deep pit into a sonic net, created by the sound of their own chanting, which prevents them from hitting bottom. When people take the stone, they stop chanting part way down, preventing the net from forming and therefore squishing themselves on the floor of the pit.

Chiana, who has always considered herself a coward, feels that she must try this chanting leap to prove to herself that she has the backbone to do it. While Crichton spends much of the episode trying to get Chiana back to Moya, Aeryn spends her time trying to convince Crichton that Chiana must make her own decisions. Of course, Chiana decides to jump. And, of course, she survives.

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