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Performance of the Week:
Anthony Simcoe does a wonderful job of showing the wide range of D’Argo’s emotions. He shows fear of the Orican, anger at John, compassion for Chiana, terrible sorrow at the death of Nilaam, and so much more. In his hands, D’Argo becomes a multi-dimensional character rather than the one note warrior who began the series. He does a darn good celebration mode, too.

Quote of the Week:
Nilaam: "What’s the matter? Are you hideous?"
Creative Staff:
Writer: Grant McAloon Director: Tony Tilse 


Vitas Mortis

Rumors of another Luxan in the area cause John, Zhaan and D'Argo to begin a search of nearby planets. They find an old Orican (a Luxan holy woman) preparing for her death. After grubbing around in D'Argo’s guts for a bit, she finds him very strong but unworthy. She declares him a fraud and tosses him from the room. D’Argo returns to the Orican and argues his position in order to gain the honor of assisting her in the Ritual of Passing, a Luxan death ceremony. Although Crichton tries to dissuade both D’Argo and the Orican, they go ahead with the ritual. As they begin the ceremony, however, Nilaam (the Orican) decides that D'Argo is strong enough to rejuvenate her, and she switches rituals to become young instead of dead.

When John returns to the ship, leaving D'Argo with Nilaam to celebrate her newfound youth, he finds that Moya is starting to deteriorate. After a whole lot of celebrating, D’Argo and the Orican arrive on Moya and she tries to fix the ship by means of a healing incantation. This fails, and she reveals that her newfound vitality has come at the expense of Moya – she unwittingly used Moya’s energy to regain her youth. She realizes that the only solution is to do what she should have done in the first place, off herself by means of the Ritual of Passing.

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