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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 2
Karl 3
AmyJ 3
Johryn 3
Toadie 1
Performance of the Week:
It was impossible to choose between Gigi Edgely and Virginia Hey this week. Gigi's Chiana showed so much honest emotion when she thought Moya had stranded them on Litigara. And Virginia's hopeless half mad/half terrified Zhaan was incredible.
Quote of the Week:
Rygel: I think I may have a way. It's chancy but will require lashings of deception and deceit.
Chiana: Finally, you and I get to play to our strengths.
Creative Staff:
Writers: Steven Rae Director: Ian Watson 


Dream A Little Dream

This episode is a flashback told by Zhaan to John. She explains what happened to her during the time John, D'Argo, and Aeryn were missing after blowing up the Gammak base at the end of season one. In their desperate search for their missing friends, Zhaan, Rygel, and Chiana find the planet Litigara. Zhaan is set up for murder by an unscrupulous bunch of lawyers and it's left to Chiana and Rygel to prove her innocence. While in her cell, Zhaan's guilt over leaving half the crew floating in space is shown through a series of apparitions, first by John who tells her that she's now in charge and must cope alone, then Aeryn, who puts blame on her for running away, and finally D'Argo, who encourages her to resume the Delvian Seek. Her Public Counselor refuses to present much of a case, so Chiana and Rygel get themselves appointed as her attorneys. But they are unable to work with their strengths because lawyers suffer the same punishment as their clients if they are caught putting on a bad faith defense. Rygel learns that the entire law library of Litigara can be boiled down to one tiny book, the basis for all their laws. He and Chiana, aided by Pilot and Moya, come up with a scheme based on the Light of Truth, an old Litigaran parable. They're able to implicate the guilty Ja Rhumann for the crime and Zhaan is acquitted.

This was originally meant to be the second season opener, but Mind the Baby was shown first. Since we already know the final outcome of Zhaan's legal problems, most of the suspense is gone, but we are treated to some character insights. Rygel shows a softer side when he's caught by Chiana while holding Zhaan's hand. And he also shows a sharpness of wit in figuring out how to "work the system" on Litigara. Zhaan's guilt over leaving her crewmates is highlighted along with her fear of being incarcerated again and her rededication to the Delvian Seek. And Chiana's persistence in finding a solution and her insistence on helping Zhaan win her case shows how much she now cares.

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