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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 5
Karl 4
AmyJ 5
Johryn 5
Toadie 3
Performance of the Week:
Everyone was wonderful this week, but I think the award has to go to Rockne O'Bannon and David Kemper for writing the mother of all cliffhangers. Kudos as well to Tony Tilse for his inspired direction.
Quote of the Week:
Zhaan: "John, I've made new family here, surrounded by all of you. Now I sense it's coming to an end."
John: "Well, it's a Jerry Springer kind of family, but for what it's worth, Zhaan, you are family."
Creative Staff:
Writers: David Kemper & Rockne S. O'Bannon Director: Tony Tilse


Family Ties

Our favorite "Dominar of Action" jumps into the transport pod and heads for Crais's command carrier hoping to trade Crichton and company for his own freedom. The Peacekeepers ply him with food and threats, but Rygel will tell them nothing until he has what he wants, a ship, a crew, a map home, and a full pardon. Crais and Scorpy have different ideas on how to treat him, but every time Crais opens his mouth, Scorpius demeans him and we can see Crais's frustration with his situation. Later while Rygel is bathing (What is that thing in the water with him?) Crais comes in and gives him the bad news: as soon as Crichton is in custody, Rygel will be executed. In fact, Crais already has Rygel's death certificate. He explains that he is in the same situation as Rygel with nothing to look forward to but his own execution.

Back aboard Moya, the crewmates are preparing an offensive maneuver thinking that they'd rather go down swinging than just sit and wait for the end. Zhaan is whipping up a batch of explosives, D'Argo is trying to talk Chiana into pretending to be a captive in order to save herself, and John is making a goodbye tape for his father.

Rygel returns to Moya. And he brings along none other than Captain Crais, who is looking for asylum. He wants to be in protective custody and kept safe from Scorpy. (I guess he didn't count on D'Argo beating the dren out of him.) Rygel admits to Chiana and Zhaan that he intended to sell them out to the Peacekeepers. He goes on to explain that Crais was a walking corpse on his own ship but that he has value to them because he knows Scorpy's plans. In order to get away from the Peacekeepers, Crais told Scorpius that he and Rygel would be able to get the Moya bunch to surrender if they presented it in the right way. Scorpy didn't believe him, but when Peacekeeper High Command declares Crais to be irrevocably contaminated from alien contact on Moya, Scorpius gets what he really wants, command of the carrier.

We're treated to a wonderful scene between Crais and Crichton. John is sitting on the floor outside Crais's cell. The camera slowly zooms in on first one, then the other, back and forth, while they talk. With tears running down his face, John tells Crais how terrible it has been for him with the Peacekeepers stalking them. Crais admits that his "priorities decayed" and that he now knows that John didn't mean to kill Tauvo. John tells him if he means to help, now is the time.

Crais tells them that their plan (sending a transport pod loaded with explosives into the bridge of the command carrier) will fail because the Peacekeepers will detect the explosives. They hash over several other ideas and finally come up with a new strategy. D'Argo will fly a transport pod full of explosives into the Gammak base, and John will go with him because he's the one that Scorpy really wants. Once they get close enough to the base, John in his space suit and D'Argo in his street clothes will escape into space. While the command carrier is chasing the transport pod, Aeryn will pick them up in the prowler, they'll return to Moya and they'll all Starburst to safety.

But of course, the plan doesn't work quite as well as expected. Crais steals the baby leviathan, (named Talyn after Aeryn's father) and Starbursts away. At the end of the episode John and an unconscious D'Argo are floating in space. Aeryn is in the prowler but unable to rescue them because of the Peacekeepers swarming around. And after a little talking to from John, Moya Starbursts away with Zhaan, Chiana and Rygel.

Throughout "Family Ties" there are several scenes between the characters that show how close they've become over the past year, but the good-bye scenes are the best and most touching because they don't know if any of them will live long enough to see one another again.

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