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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 5
Karl 4
AmyJ 5
Johryn 5
Toadie 4
Performance of the Week:
Everybody should be applauded this time around from the cast to the writers, the director and producers, the make-up and Creature Shop people, the CGI gang and the film editors. If I've forgotten to mention anyone, it's not because they didn't do an outstanding job. It's just because I forgot to mention them.
Quote of the Week:
Stark, when John tries to see his door opener: "Stop! If you don't stop, I'm going to have to kill you."
Crichton: "Give it a couple of days and I think Scorpy and Peacekeeper Barbie'll do it for you."
Creative Staff:
Writers: Justin Monjo Director: Ian Watson


Hidden Memory

Okay, here we go again! Right after we see the previously-on-Farscape stuff, we jump right into Moya, who's acting a little squirrelly, squirming around in space as she goes into labor. (She really knows how to pick her moments, doesn't she?) And she thinks there's something wrong with the baby.

Although still quite weak, Aeryn is recovering nicely from her paraphoral nerve damage. The tissue Chiana returned with seems to be doing its job, but Aeryn wants to see Crichton. Zhaan fumbles around with excuses but D'Argo jumps right in and tells her that John was captured by the Peacekeepers who are probing his mind with the Aurora Chair. Aeryn crawls out of bed and, along with Zhaan and D'Argo, heads for the Gammak base.

When we first see John he's still in that damn chair, screaming, with Crais and Scorpy doing their worst. After a commercial break, we find that John's been dumped back into his cell and he's passed out on the floor looking absolutely terrible. He wakes up hearing his cellmate fiddling with some kind of beeping device and, although he's suspicious that perhaps Stark is a spy for Scorpius, he crawls over to see what it is. Stark attacks him to protect his device and tosses John across the room. They come to a truce when John figures out that Stark isn't really crazy but only making the Peacekeepers think he is so they'll leave him alone. The little device is something Stark made to get the door open but after two cycles it still hasn't worked.

When Gilina contacts John again he practically begs her to keep Scorpius off his back for a little while. She tells him that she'll think of something to help him and that Chiana escaped from the base with the tissue for Aeryn. He and Stark begin to trust each other now because they each have a potentially damaging bit of information on the other.

Gilina manages to do something to the Aurora Chair during routine maintenance and hurries back to tell John that when he's put back in the chair, to remember only when they kissed (see PK Tech Girl). He's a little dubious because she's the memory he's been suppressing, but he goes along - probably out of desperation. As soon as he begins thinking about Gilina, whatever she's done to the chair kicks in and begins to play on the screen of Crichton's memories as if it were coming from his head. She's produced a little play starring Crais and John. In it, Crais thanks John for giving him the wormhole technology. She's added a bit of Crais's life story to the play, too, and we learn that he was shanghaied into the Peacekeepers when he was a child.

When Crais sees this on the screen he's dumbfounded. He knows the scene never happened but there are too many elements of truth in it for Scorpius to believe his denial. Especially since Scorpy really believes in the accuracy of his pet chair. Crais beats Crichton, trying to force him to deny what was on the screen but John only confirms it. Scorpy is determined to get that wormhole technology in any way he can, so he dumps Crais in the chair and begins to probe his mind. Boy, can that man scream! Scorpius will not quit and Crais finally gives up the secret he's tried so hard to keep, not about wormholes - he really knows nothing - but about his murdering Lieutenant Teeg (see "That Old Black Magic").

Back in his cell John is a mess, shaking and convulsing, hardly able to move. Stark sooths him by giving him some thoughts via telepathy (or something like it) and John is finally able to rest.

The rescue team backtracks Chiana's escape trail and arrives undetected, safely landing where there are no sensors on top of the base . While Zhaan and D'Argo prepare for their escape, Aeryn descends into the base to work on the rescue. She soon finds Gilina who tells her where John is and that as soon as the Peacekeepers find out that John knows nothing about wormholes, they'll kill him. Masquerading as a commando, Aeryn leads Security Chief Heskon, to John's cell ostensibly to investigate a signal coming from inside but really to get him to open the cell door. Heskon vehemently denies that there's any sort of signal but when he runs his detector over the door it actually finds something, probably thanks to Gilina. When Stark hears them outside the door, he assumes that John had informed on his little beeping device but before he can do anything about it, Aeryn clobbers Heskon with her pulse rifle. As soon as "the radiant Aeryn Sun" finds out that John's okay (sort of) and he finds out that she's recovering, they begin their escape.

As soon as the Prisoner Escape Alarm goes off, Scorpius orders the base sealed. Stark is the first to get into the stairwell but before anyone else can follow, Peacekeepers swarm into the area and Aeryn, Gilina and John are forced to hide in a chamber below the floor. They aren't seen, but the escape route up the stairs is now closed to them without an ident chip from a senior officer. Aeryn goes in search of an officer while John and Gilina wait in the hideout.

She hears a noise which she follows into the Aurora Chair chamber and finds Crais. Although the chair is turned off, he's still strapped in. In one of the best moments of the episode, Aeryn finally admits, both to him and to herself, that everything she lost when he declared her contaminated is worth nothing. She doesn't want to go back. She rips off his ident chip, turns the chair to maximum and slowly walks away to the sound of Crais's screaming. Good for you, Aeryn!

Back in the hideout, Gilina wants to find out if John's really interested in her or if he wants to be with Aeryn. If he wants Aeryn, she doesn't want to give up everything to tag along. Before John can answer her, Aeryn comes back with Crais's ident chip - the relief on John's face is really funny - and they head for the stairs. John's upset when he finds Gilina isn't with them but Aeryn tells him that it's her choice and they have to head out now while they have the chance.

Meanwhile up on Moya, Chiana Rygel and Pilot are trying to cope with the birth of the baby Leviathan. There's a bit of Three Stooges in their efforts, though, because nobody has ever seen such a birth. And since the baby is not quite normal, even Moya is at a loss. While Chiana and Rygel play Titanic in a pressure tank, Moya vents the atmosphere in an attempt to facilitate the birth. It doesn't work and when they get their first glimpse of the baby, they find he's covered with weapons! And he's about ready to shoot his way out of Moya. Chiana heads down to the birthing chamber to cut a seam so the baby can get free but she has no luck. But she does have an idea - let the baby shoot with minimal force and maybe he can get himself out. And he's free!

Once John and Aeryn join D'Argo, Zhaan and Stark at the top of the base, there's a great shootout between them and the Peacekeepers. John detonates a bomb and while everyone else runs for freedom, Scorpy shows up and grabs John. It's Gilina to the rescue when she shows up holding a rifle but she hesitates a bit and Scorpius shoots her. He let's go of John, who's able to escape, carrying a mortally wounded Gilina with him. Back on Moya, Stark is able to alleviate her pain, but no one can save her life. She asks John to kiss her one last time and then she's gone. The final scene shows us John just sitting by her side looking terribly sad.

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