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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 4
Karl 4
AmyJ 4
Johryn 3
Toadie 3
Performance of the Week:
No doubt about it, Rygel XVI shows an entirely new talent this week. He's one of the funniest Hynerians I've ever seen. If the Dominar gig ever goes bad, he could easily get a job in Las Vegas as a comedian. Or, for that matter, as a singer.
Quote of the Week:
John: "I thought you were Junior Miss Tough Chick of the Universe."
Chiana: "Yeah, when I can kick or kiss or cry my way out of it. This is way way way way different."
Creative Staff:
Writers: David Kemper Director: Ian Watson


Through The Looking Glass

This week, we join the crew during dinner while they're arguing about Moya's ability to continue protecting them during her pregnancy. Nobody pays any attention to Chiana when she tries to warn them that Pilot may be eavesdropping through the DRDs. And he is listening, so to prove that she's still capable, Moya attempts StarBurst while her energy levels are too low. She comes to a sudden halt and everyone is dumped onto the floor. When they get up, they realize that something's wrong. Pilot doesn't answer their calls, there's an extremely bright light coming from outside the ship, and Rygel is missing. When D'Argo is on his way to check command, he disappears into a red light, and when Aeryn goes to check on Pilot, she's consumed by a blue light.

John finally contacts Pilot, who tells him that most systems are out and that Moya is in a lot of pain and frightened. (For such a big girl, poor Moya spends an awful lot of time being scared.) He also says that Rygel appears to be on tier eight and Aeryn is in one of the maintenance bays. John meets up with Zhaan and Chiana, who's in a panic and ready to jump ship in a transport pod. John calms her down and while Zhaan goes to the den to comfort Pilot, Chiana reluctantly heads for tier eight to look for Rygel. John goes to the maintenance bay searching for Aeryn but is consumed by the same red light that ate D'Argo. He finds himself on an alternate-existence Moya where the red light is nauseating and he can barely function. He does function well enough to lose his lunch all over the floor, though. We see D'Argo staggering around and he sees Crichton, but Crichton doesn't see him.

John hears the same noise he heard just before the red light got him and it appears to be coming from the ceiling. He climbs onto a table and is sucked into another Moya, this one blue and extremely noisy. He goes to the maintenance bay and meets up with Aeryn. They manage to communicate by a hilarious game of charades but before they can find anyone else, John is sucked away again, this time into a yellow-lit Moya.

Rygel is there, and quite a different Rygel than we're used to seeing. He's got a great case of the sillies. The yellow light has turned him into a hilarious little fella, and it's beginning to have an effect on Crichton, too. But before they can take the John and Rygel show on the road, they see what appear to be random scratches in Moya's skin. They don't know what it is but since they both saw it they believe it's real.

John hears his noise again and this time the light takes him back to the real Moya where he meets up with Zhaan, Pilot and Chiana. Pilot explains the concept of dimensional schism (you'll have to ask Pilot about this because I don't understand it). He then confesses that, because Moya wanted to prove her ability to protect them, she went into StarBurst before she was ready. They now appear to be stuck. Stuck in StarBurst.

They come up with a plan. They're going to get the engines started in each of the four Moyas and then try to back out of whatever they're stuck into. Leaving Zhaan well armed and on guard against the "creature", John and Chiana head for the red. Since the light doesn't bother Chiana, they try to talk her into staying in the red zone to start the engines but she refuses, so D'Argo remains there and John and Chiana move on to the blue Moya. But not before poor John loses some more of his lunch.

This time the terrible noise reduces Chiana to screaming, so John dumps her into the yellow to find Rygel. He then goes in search of Aeryn. He explains the plan to her and when he tries to tell her how to get the engines started, she already knows the sequence. John is amazed at her knowledge but Aeryn shrugs it off, attributing it to the Pilot DNA she still carries.

It's off to the yellow again where he sets the ship to start and tells Chiana how to complete the sequence. (The whole time John's working on the engine sequence, Rygel is practicing for his stage debut and Chiana is auditioning to be his straight man.)

When John returns to the real Moya, the creature's scratches are becoming more evident. Just when it seems to be breaking through into Moya, John recognizes that its scratches haven't been random after all, but are grouped as prime numbers. He realizes that it's been trying to communicate with Moya and her crew so he steps into the hole the creature made. The creature (who looks like a giant dust mite) tells him that they must go forward. If they back out, they'll widen the rupture beyond repair and will die. If they go forward, the creature will give them a boost so they can get free. Pilot resists, but John talks him into it so Pilot tells him how to put Moya into forward.

It's off again for John, running through Moya (and the Moyas). First comes the red where he leaves D'Argo with the instructions (and leaves the rest of his lunch, too). Then the blue where he gives Aeryn the news. In the yellow he works the controls himself. Moya slowly pulls free, the four Moyas are once more joined and everyone is together again.

The show ends with everyone again having a meal but this time they're all talking and laughing and enjoying themselves and each other. For the first time they seem to be a group of close friends, even a family.

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