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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 5
Karl 5
AmyJ 5
Johryn 5
Toadie 4
Performance of the Week:
No doubt about it this week. Ben Browder did some of his best work to date. He appeared so angry and disgusted in the scene between Crichton and Wilson just after Rygel "died" that he was shaking with it.
Quote of the Week:
Aeryn: "Gneep n'watzi glros wlk8 q8hbaisug bvbasoiud."
Jack Crichton: "Thank you, Aeryn Sun."
Creative Staff:

Writer: Justin Monjo 

Director: Rowan Woods


A Human Reaction

For an episode that was shot in a sewage treatment plant, it cleaned up really well! Everything best about Farscape came together this week: the story, the acting and directing, the music, the lighting.

While John is talking into his tape recorder about his fears over growing old in space, Pilot calls him to command to see a wormhole that appeared on his scanners. John looks into it and sees Earth at the other end. He gathers his gear and tries to talk Aeryn into going with him but, she refuses, saying that it's his home, not hers. She's almost, but not quite, in tears and probably with a little more prodding she would have gone with him. But the wormhole is degrading rapidly so John says his goodbyes, jumps into the Farscape One and heads for home, not without doubts of his own, though, and he needs a little verbal boost from D'Argo before plunging into the wormhole.

He lands on a sunny beach in Australia but before he can celebrate too much, goons from IASA shoot him in the leg with a tranquilizer dart. He ends up on a table in a laboratory with a bunch of scientists picking and poking at him. They lock him in a containment cell and question him about his past, trying to discern if it's the real John Crichton. The translator microbes are of particular interest to the IASA and they trot in twelve guys speaking different languages to test him, but he finally refuses to answer any more of their questions until they answer some of his.

John hears his father but before they can speak to each other, the microphone is shut off and we can see John screaming soundlessly on the other side of the glass. His dad raises hezmana with the IASA until they let him into the cell, the first thing he does is ask John a bunch of questions to be sure he's really his son. John's hurt is really evident but he answers the questions, convincing his father.
They finally let him out of his cell, but keep him under surveillance all the time. His father explains that they're still not sure who or what he is, but they want all the information he can give them about the wormhole and everything he saw on the other side. Just when it seems that they're working as a team with John, the transport pod comes along. Wilson, the head IASA guy on site, wants to shoot it down but Crichton talks him out of it, telling him that the transport pod has no weapons.

When D'Argo, Rygel, and Aeryn land they get the same welcome to earth treatment Crichton got - tranquilizer dart and containment cell. They explain to John that they wanted to take a closer look at his point of entry into the wormhole, but it sucked them in. John promises to take care of them, and when Rygel isn't feeling well he goes to get someone to help him. Soon, Cobb takes John to the medical unit where Rygel is laid open on an autopsy table. Angry and shocked, he chases Wilson down to try to make him see reason but Wilson isn't about to reform.

John gives the bad news about Rygel to Aeryn and D'Argo. They're both fed up with imprisonment, Earth and Crichton, and tell him to go away. When he comes back, he finds Aeryn alone. She aims a rifle at John and asks him if he's with her or them. He, of course, is with her and they try to get D'Argo's location from Cobb who tells them that he's been taken to another military base. John barely restrains himself from shooting him, hitting him and then kicking him in the head "for Rygel".

John and Aeryn go to a safehouse that his dad told him about and finally, for the first time since leaving Moya, they are able to let their guards down. She admits that she was afraid to come with him when he left Moya and swears that she will not be recaptured alive. They spend the night together. In the morning John's father arrives at the door. He tells them that they can't have any contact with him or the IASA will get it out of him. At least this time, he tells John, he'll be able to say goodbye. After John walks out the door, Aeryn says something to Colonel Crichton in her own language and he replies, "thank you, Aeryn Sun". We never find out what she said, though, and I for one would love to know.

Once they're outside of the house, John realizes that everything and everyone he's seeing he's seen before. Everything is from his memories. When he opens a door to the ladies' room, a room he's never been in, there is no room on the other side of the door, just orange stuff, floor to ceiling red stuff. He races back to the IASA base to confront his "father". When he gets there, he finds Rygel alive and chowing down on Hynerian marjols. D'Argo is there, too and he tells John it's time to go home.

The alien who pretended to be Colonel Crichton explains why his race needed to learn about earth and humans. They've been looking for a new home for a long time and are running out of resources. John was the guinea pig they used to see if the people of earth would accept them as cohabitants. They created the earth and its people from Crichton's memories and used this as their compatibility test. Although John did well, better than most species, earth failed the test.

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