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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 3
Karl 5
AmyJ 4
Johryn 4
Toadie 2
Performance of the Week:
Gigi Edgley's Chiana makes a great addition to Moya's crew. She's cute, she's young and she's really brought to weird alien life by the wonderful Ms. Edgley.
Quote of the Week:
John: "We have rules."
Chiana: "Yeah? Well, when I see any of you following them, so will I."
Creative Staff:
Writer: Grant McAloon Director: Tony Tilse


Durka Returns

Remember the derelict Peacekeeper ship we found a few episodes back? The one with the evil Captain Durka who had tortured Rygel a couple of hundred cycles ago? The dead Captain Durka? Well, he's alive and mindcleansed into a zombie by the Nebari, a race of people who brainwash those who don't conform to their standards of behavior. 

Moya comes out of an uncontrolled StarBurst and crashes into a nearby ship. Its three passengers are brought aboard while they await their ride home, a Nebari "standard host vessel" capable of defeating a Peacekeeper Command Carrier. Rygel immediately recognizes Durka and attacks him. Salis, one of the Nebari, explains that they removed all of Durka's antisocial tendencies with 100 cycles of mindcleansing. The third member of their party is a Nebari girl named Chiana who is, according to Durka, a very dangerous criminal. She wears a control collar and whenever Salis decides that her behavior is inappropriate, he activates it, giving her a great deal of pain.

Aeryn is awed by the legendary Captain Durka. She had even studied his methods during warrior training. She becomes a little less wonderstruck, though, after she learns that he faked his death, abandoned his crew, and deserted his ship when the Nebari came along.

Rygel attempts to kill Durka with a homemade bomb but he gets the ingredients wrong and the attempt fails. The explosion removes Durka's mental cleansing but nobody believes Rygel when he tells them this. D'Argo ties Rygel up and locks him in his cell to prevent him from having another chance at killing Durka.

Chiana, who's desperately in need of a haircut, is on her way back to Nebari Prime to be mindcleansed out of her nonconformist conduct. According to her, her worst crimes were running away from home and stealing food when she was hungry. She manages to get free using the straw from her lunch to pick the locks on her cuffs and control collar then goes to Rygel's cell and asks for his help. He agrees but when she unties him he immediately sounds the alert that she's escaped and is planning to steal a transport pod to leave Moya. When Salis is found dead with the control collar blinking nearby, everyone suspects Chiana.

Pretending sorrow over the death of Salis, Durka is able to get close enough to Aeryn to overpower her, knocking her and Rygel unconscious and tying them up. While they're out he cuts several of Moya's cables and gives himself a haircut. (I wish he'd had a go at Chiana's hair while he was at it.) When Aeryn comes to, all traces of hero-worship for Durka have disappeared. Durka threatens her and Rygel with torture and attempts to StarBurst but Moya's pregnancy prevents it. He then comes up with a plan to cause her to miscarry the baby so that she'll be able to StarBurst him away from the Nebari sector.

John finds Chiana and talks her into being the bait in his Durka-trap. She leads him to the room where Crichton is lying in wait but before John can whack him with his industrial-sized hockey stick, Durka shoots Chiana and heads for the transport bay. He jumps in his ship to shoot Moya and solve the StarBurst problem. While he's lining up for the shot, John makes a bomb using Rygel's leftover materials and rolls it under Durka's ship where it explodes, expelling it from Moya's hangar and leaving Durka to wait for the Nebari to pick him up.

After all the excitement dies down John asks Chiana where she was when Salis was murdered. She only smiles at him without answering but after he leaves the room, she looks really sad. It appears as if our new crewmember has a few secrets.

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