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Performance of the Week:
Rygel was extremely gracious with the natives who worshipped him. He could have lived out his life in luxury and adoration, but he opted to deny his godhood for the benefit of his loyal subjects. He sure has that royal wave down pat, though, doesn't he?
Quote of the Week:
John: "Oh, God, that is it. You are so damn smart. There's no time for any stupid human anything. And I'm sick of it, Aeryn. I'm sick of Napoleon the Fourteenth, I'm sick of Blue, I'm sick of Tentacle Boy, and guess what. I'm sick of you. I'm sick of this whole turd-burp end of the universe."
Creative Staff:
Writers: Doug Heyes, Jr. 

Director: Ian Watson 


Jeremiah Crichton

John finally gets fed up with everyone ridiculing him and, after a few rude comments, he climbs into the Farscape 1 and goes for a drive. While he's out flying around in space, Moya (who's been a little squirrelly since she got pregnant) decompensates for a buildup in her amnexis system and StarBursts away, leaving John stranded.

We rejoin him 3 months later on the planet Acquara, living in a tent by the side of a beautiful lake, fishing for shakloom, and avoiding the affections of the ruler's daughter, Lishala. His main problem seems to be the priestan's son, Rokon, who wants Lishala for himself.

Moya arrives at Acquara after a quarter-cycle search for Crichton and D'Argo and Rygel go to the surface. They spot the Farscape 1 during their descent, but right after landing they lose all power and all contact with Moya. Rygel takes a little nap in the sun while D'Argo begins looking for Crichton. He finds John in the middle of losing a fight with Rokon and several of his cronies and he drives them away. But John isn't as grateful as D'Argo thinks he should be. I think John is more surprised to learn that they didn't leave him to die in space than he was when he thought they did.

Rokon and his wiseguys ambush John and D'Argo and drag them to the Grandeer, accusing them of assaulting his personal guards. They inadvertently take Rygel (who's hiding in a sack) with them. Before they can resolve the assault issue, Rygel starts groaning and squirming inside the sack. When they open it and Rygel pops his head out, the whole tribe falls to the ground and worships him, thinking he's God. They believe that he's come to rise up and lead them to the light (whether they want to go or not) and if he can't do that, he'll suffer a torturous death and so will John and D'Argo.

Rygel discovers that his ancestors had sent the Acquarans out as colonists and then created the power drain. Unable to interact with other cultures, they would always remain "blind followers of the Family of Rygel". When Rygel tries to explain this to the Acquarans, the priestan denounces him as a false god and he's taken prisoner. D'Argo and John get away and head down to the lake to plan their strategy.

Meanwhile on Moya, Zhaan and Aeryn are working to rescue the three men without having any power signals from the planet to assist them. When they find the focal point of the power drain, they're able to send down a capsule with a map in it that will point them in the right direction.

While John and D'Argo are working on a plan to rescue Rygel, the capsule from Moya splashes down in the lake. They realize that it's a map with the coordinates to the power drain. While trying to explain this to the natives they get into yet another fight with Rokon and the boys. John gets knocked down, right next some handprints in a rock. Hynerian handprints. When Rygel puts his hands in the prints, the rock cracks, light blazes out, and the power returns. Rygel jumps into his thronesled and rises up, leading the Acquarans into the light.

This episode had a lot of good points (the setting, the costumes, the interaction between Aeryn and Zhaan, and the first five minutes), but I thought it was kind of boring. The guy-from-our-show-is-a-god story has been done several times already - Star Trek TOS, Star Wars, Stargate - and I don't think this incarnation was an improvement on its predecessors. 

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