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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 5
Karl 2
AmyJ 2
Johryn 4
Toadie 5
Performance of the Week:
Rhys Muldoon was perfect in the part of Staanz. He had strutting arrogance when warning Zhaan and D'Argo about the flax, he demonstrated great pride in his chosen profession and in his ship, and she was pathetic with unrequited love for D'Argo. The costuming crew did quite a good job on the clothes, too.
Quote of the Week:
Aeryn: "Somebody's docking?!"

John: "D'Argo! (cough) …um…what took you so long?"
Creative Staff:
Writers: Justin Monjo Director: Peter Andrikidis


The Flax

While Aeryn is teaching John how to fly the transport pod, they run into a phenomenon called the flax, an enormous invisible mesh in space that holds ships immobile until a gang of Zenetan pirates can loot them. Several of the pod's systems are damaged in the accident and must be repaired before they can attempt to pull away from the flax.

Meanwhile, a very odd character, a garbologist named Staanz, arrives on Moya and warns them about the flax. D'Argo checks the Peacekeeper records stored on Moya and learns that Staanz is on their wanted list. When D'Argo confronts him, Staanz admits that he used to be one of the Zenetan pirates who ran the flax, but while in a labor stockade he was abused by the other prisoners because of what the pirates were doing on the outside. He proves this by displaying the Zenetan gang murals tattooed on his thigh. Because he received no help from his Zenetan brothers, he now gets his kicks from warning unsuspecting travelers away from the flax.

When D'Argo notices that Staanz is wearing Luxan boots, the garbologist tells him that he found them while looting a Luxan ship, and that the original owner was already dead. D'Argo asks him to take him to the ship, promising to give him any loot they find with the exception of map fibers that may show D'Argo his way home. Almost as soon as they leave Moya, Staanz spots Kcrackic's pirate ship heading for the leviathan. They warn Zhaan, who promises to keep them busy while Staanz and D'Argo get away.

Rygel, claiming superiority in the game of Tadek, entices Kcrackic to play, but soon the little Hynerian has lost all of his stake. He goes on to bet the whereabouts of Staanz and D'Argo, but loses yet again. With Kcrackic's goon pointing a gun at his head, Rygel tells them to get the information they won from Moya's data stores. As soon as the pirates have left the ship, Zhaan verbally attacks Rygel who smugly informs her that he intentionally lost the game and had told Pilot to put false information into the data stores.

After John and Aeryn complete some necessary repairs, they send out a message buoy and then try to break away from the flax. However, they only succeed in causing more damage. Since there's so much oxygen in the air, Aeryn suggests they put on their space suits and vent the pod's atmosphere before beginning repairs that require a blowtorch. They soon discover that one of the helmets is broken, so Aeryn wants John to do the repairs after injecting her with a Peacekeeper battle triage device. This will stop all of her life functions until she can be injected with the antidote. But John tells her the broken helmet is his and hers won't fit him. He agrees to be the one to "die" while she does repairs, but not before he teaches her some CPR techniques. She injects him, expels the air, and starts the repairs, but before she can finish, John's time is nearly up. She stops working and restores the oxygen to the ship. But before she can inject the antidote, the pod lurches and Aeryn is knocked unconscious. The countdown reaches zero and John's time runs out.

Staanz notices the traces of atmosphere coming from the area where the transport pod is trapped in the flax and assumes John and Aeryn are no longer in need of rescuing. They go off to find the Luxan ship. D'Argo, who realizes there's an extra tank of oxygen on the transport pod, is torn between going to rescue his shipmates and possibly finding the maps and reuniting with his son as well. He finally does the right thing, though, realizing that if he does find his son, he wants to be able to look him in the eye.

Aeryn desperately begins CPR on John. Nearly in tears, she finally revives him only to give him the bad news that she didn't complete the repairs so they're probably going to die anyway. They sit together waiting in the cold for their oxygen to run out talking about death and life after death, John's beliefs and Aeryn's. After one long look, they slowly start to kiss. And not just a little peck on the cheek, either. They're rolling around on the floor ripping their clothes off. Unfortunately, before they can really get going, D'Argo comes to the rescue. You can just tell by the look in his eye (and the music in the background) that he knows exactly what he interrupted.

Once they're back on Staanz's ship and headed for Moya, Staanz reveals his infatuation with D'Argo. It seems that he's not a he but a she, the female of the species. In fact, she's considered to be a real Zenetan beauty! D'Argo, however, declines her offer to be his mate.

In the final scene, John and Aeryn vow that it was due to too much oxygen in the air and that it will never, never, never, never happen again. Yeah, right. Once Aeryn verifies to John that she is the female of her species, happening again is a sure thing.

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