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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 3
Karl 3
AmyJ 2
Johryn 4
Toadie 4
Performance of the Week:
Aeryn Sun is beginning to recognize that not everything she was taught by the Peacekeepers is true. It's quite emotional for her, and Claudia Black gives us a wonderful view of Aeryn as she realizes this. We also get to watch commando-Aeryn in action thanks to Ms. Black.
Quote of the Week:
Crichton: "You know, on my world they say that loss is the hardest emotion to deal with."
Aeryn: "In my world, showing pain is a sign of weakness."
Creative Staff:
Writers: Nan Hagan 

Director: Tony Tilse


PK Tech Girl

Moya comes upon an abandoned Peacekeeper ship, an enormous vessel that they board hoping to find weapons or information from its data spools. It turns out to be the legendary Zelbinion, the first ship on which Rygel was tortured. Although they find nothing to salvage, they do find a Peacekeeper tech from Crais's ship hiding on the "bridge".

Aeryn interrogates her, learning that the others from her group were killed by a race of foragers called the Sheyang. Aeryn discovers that her entire unit was demoted when she defected, and will remain so until her death. Gilina (the tech) calls Aeryn a traitor, but John stands up for her, explaining that Crais never gave her a chance.

The Sheyang return to continue looting. When they find Moya docked with the Zelbinion, they prime their weapons to run them off, but D'Argo manages to persuade them to back down for a time, terrifying them with a fit of Luxan hyper-rage.

Gilina comes up with the idea of reconnecting the defense screen to protect them, but explains that it will take eight arns to get it operational. Crichton volunteers to assist her, thereby cutting the time in half. But when they get started, Gilina confesses to John that she won't be able to get it working. She said she could only because she didn't want Aeryn to kill her for not trying. Before the Sheyang return they get the defense screen operational and are able to divert the attack, but only half of it is connected so John suggests that they install the other half on Moya.

John and Gilina form a bond and share a kiss. When Aeryn sees their embrace, she marches off. John goes after her to smooth things over and Aeryn admits she found him "interesting" when they first met. This flabbergasts John, whose first impression of Aeryn was similar, but his second impression was a head injury and a kick in the ribs.

This episode gives us a look into Aeryn's way of life aboard the command carrier before she arrived on Moya. There is a hierarchy among the Peacekeepers, and neither Gilina, the tech, nor Aeryn, the prowler pilot, think much of the other. This changes as the episode plays out and at the end they become teammates, if not quite friends.

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