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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 2
Karl 1
AmyJ 1
Johryn 3
Toadie 4
Performance of the Week:
Anthony Simcoe is gradually changing our perception of D'Argo from a one dimensional warrior into a man with many sides. This week D'Argo shows a shy side in his attraction to Matala. He's a lonely man with a secret past. It's amazing how much of D'Argo's emotion Anthony is able to show through all those layers of prosthetics and makeup.
Quote of the Week:
Zhaan, speaking about Crichton: "He says he is experiencing the future."
Aeryn: "The future? He can barely function in the present."
Creative Staff:
Writer: Babs Greyhosky Director: Rowan Woods


Back and Back and Back to the Future

Two Ilanics escape from their disintegrating ship and take refuge on Moya. While John is checking their transport pod for others, he accidentally touches some sort of live wire and  immediately begins having strange flashes. Before long he realizes that he's been viewing bits of possible future events, some of them involving Matala, the female Ilanic (hot flashes?). He begins to have visions of Matala murdering him along with D'Argo and Verell (the other Ilanic), and each vision is a little bit different. 

Verell and Matala claim they've been doing research into spatial anomalies but John learns from Verell that they're not simply doing research. They've captured a bit of a black hole and are planning to use it as a weapon against the Scorvians. But Aeryn discovers that Matala is a Scorvian. Through John's future flashes he finds out that she plans to kill Verell and steal the weapon for the Scorvians.

Crichton and Zhaan try to work out ways to change the future by altering the present but John keeps flipping to the future. Just before each flip he accidentally breaks a blue glass mask, an ornament in Zhaan's quarters. To stop the future flips he deliberately breaks the mask. Then he, Zhaan and Aeryn work out a plan to change the present and alter the future.

Matala had vamped D'Argo and put him at odds with Crichton, but when John confronts him with some of the knowledge he gained on one of his trips to the future, D'Argo snaps out of it and agrees to help. Matala still murders Verell but when she escapes from Moya in her transport pod the black hole she's carrying destroys her and her ship.

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