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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 3
Karl 3
AmyJ 2
Johryn 3
Toadie 3
Performance of the Week:
Rygel XVI is the hero of the day. Even though he uses a stunt double to enter the Monarch’s nest, he still puts in quite a performance this week. In fact, without him to save them, Moya and her crew would have died from either the heat or the commandos. He must have made his revered ancestor, Rygel the First, quite proud.
Quote of the Week:
Aeryn: "You know, I always thought that lesser life forms were useless, just something to be squashed."
Crichton: "Yeah, it’s humbling when you realize that… You’re not talking about the draks, are you? Fine. Well, on behalf of lesser life forms everywhere, I accept the…compliment."
Creative Staff:
Writers: Ro Hume 

Director: Brian Henson


Exodus From Genesis

Moya is hiding in a field of what appears to be asteroid debris while trying to evade a Peacekeeper Marauder (a scout ship for Captain Crais). The Marauder leaves, but the debris turns out to be a swarm of giant space cockroaches called draks, who come aboard Moya to reproduce. Since they need warmth for this part of their life cycle, the heat in the ship starts rising despite the crew’s attempts to lower it.

John discovers Zhaan in the corridor while she’s turning up the heat and when he tries to stop her, she "beats the crap" out of him. He then finds Aeryn raising the temperature and the same thing happens, she beats the crap out of him. This time, though, he puts up a bit of a fight and yanks her arm off. Another Aeryn walks in while he’s holding the arm and they figure out that the bugs have made clones of each of them from samples of their DNA.

Because they lack a gland that regulates their internal temperature, Aeryn’s race is unable to withstand heat, eventually falling into a state called Sebacean heat delirium (also known as the living death). When her condition begins to deteriorate, she goes to Pilot and asks if he knows how to bring her temperature down. He can’t help her but suggests that one of the others might know a way. Aeryn doesn’t believe that the others care enough to help her because she had been a Peacekeeper, and they had been imprisoned by the Peacekeepers.

John and D’Argo "persuade" Rygel to go on a bug-hunt in Moya’s access shafts. Deep inside the ship, he finds a huge nest that is pumping out new bugs at a great rate, along with copies of Aeryn, Zhaan, D’Argo and John.

Zhaan becomes a "mouthpiece" for the invaders, channeling their Monarch, who claims that Moya’s crew threatens her genesis. John reasons with her, saying that if she keeps it this hot Moya will die and then there will be no heat and all the baby draks will die. The Monarch lowers the heat a bit and Aeryn begins to recover.

While the crew is distracted by the draks, the Marauder finds them and boards the ship, its commando crew killing any replicants they find. When the Monarch senses their deaths, she raises the heat. Aeryn tries to talk John into killing her before the living death takes hold, but he refuses. Rygel is drafted as a negotiator and enters the drak’s nest to commune with her. She agrees to lower the heat, but John has the idea of raising the temperature instead in order to disable the Marauder crew with heat delirium. With Aeryn’s consent the heat is raised.

By using several replicants, John tricks the commandos into believing that his species is capable of cloning themselves into an army of Crichtons. He sends them back to Crais with this information, hoping Crais will "catch a hint" and leave them alone.

Does anyone else wonder why nobody suggested putting Aeryn in her prowler or one of the transport pods to lower her temperature? Or why didn’t they use the cold water sooner? 

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