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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 3
Karl 4
AmyJ 5
Johryn 4
Toadie 4
Performance of the Week:
Ben Browder does a great job of taking John Crichton from cocky astronaut to a man who is totally lost, physically, mentally and emotionally. He's awed and scared, lonely and confused, and Ben does an outstanding job letting us know exactly how this feels to John Crichton.
Quote of the Week:
John talking into his recorder:  "There's life out here, Dad...Weird... amazing... psychotic life... in, uh.. Technicolor"
Creative Staff:

Writer: Rockne S. O'Bannon 

Director: Andrew Prowse



While making an earth-orbit test of his own theory, John Crichton, astronaut and scientist, is sucked into a wormhole and deposited on the other side of the universe. Immediately after arriving, another ship runs into him before it crashes into an asteroid and explodes. He's then pulled into an enormous living ship populated by four alien beings: D'Argo, a huge Luxan warrior; Zhaan, a blue Delvian priest; Rygel, a slug-like Hynerian royal; and Pilot, who is bonded to the ship - a Leviathan named Moya.

John soon learns that these people were prisoners who are running from a militaristic group called Peacekeepers. When the escaping prisoners use a maneuver called StarBurst to put distance between them and the Peacekeepers, they drag one of the soldiers along in their wake, a female  prowler pilot named Aeryn Sun. John and Aeryn are kept in a cell on board the ship but they manage to escape and hotfoot it down to a nearby commerce planet. Aeryn contacts the Peacekeepers to inform them of the whereabouts of the prisoners and the ship.

When the PK commander, Captain Bialar Crais, arrives he accuses John of deliberately crashing into his brother, the pilot who actually ran into Crichton the moment he popped out of the wormhole. Crais takes him prisoner along with D'Argo. When Aeryn stands up for John, claiming he's too cowardly and stupid to have intentionally attacked the captain's brother, Crais threatens her with irreversible contamination for spending so much time with an unclassified life form. Even though John stands up for her in return, they all end up in the local jail. John manages to get one of the guard's weapons and he and D'Argo talk Aeryn into escaping with them. Moya is unable to StarBurst again because she needs to recuperate from the last time, so John successfully field-tests his theory while Aeryn manually pilots the Leviathan, enabling them to escape into the Uncharted Territories.

There was so much information packed into this first episode that it's amazing there was time to tell a story at all, but they certainly did, a story of endings and beginnings. Far from being the always-competent astronaut hero we've come to expect in sci fi, John is having many of the same problems most of us would have in his situation. He's just coping with it a little better.

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