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Welcome to the Episode Reviews by PKBarb. In addition to the review, each contains a "Quote of the Week", information on the the creative staff and ratings by the Kweb Crew. These ratings are 1 through 5, 1 being the equivalent of keedva dren and 5 being excellent. If you like what you see or even have a question, be certain to drop PKBarb a line.


"...Weird... amazing... psychotic life... in, uh.. Technicolor

Through the disbelieving eyes of IASA astronaut, Commander John Crichton, we see everything... the forging of new friendships to the appearance of a terrifying nemesis.  

"What should be easy... is never easy."
Life in the Uncharted Territories proves to be no picnic. Crichton and his shipmates have changed in many ways. Both good and bad. And for Crichton... mostly bad.... It's anyone's guess what's behind Door Number Three for Moya and her crew.

"Wait for the wheel..."

Because, it's got to get better... Right? Not likely. With a theme described by producer, David Kemper, as the "Season of Death" it certainly seems as though there is not a light at the end of this wormhole. Still plagued by Scorpius, Crichton is not the same accidental tourist in the Uncharteds. 

"Whoops!" [Unrealized Reality]

Moya and her crew have traded one nemesis for another. Haunted by memory and possibility, John focuses his obsession on wormholes as they journey into the unknown dangers of Tormented space.

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