Access Shafts: The passageways deep within Moya, used by the mostly DRDs when making repairs, but sometimes used by Rygel for…reasons of his own.

Amnexus Fluids

Amnexus Fluids: Chiana uses amnexus fluids located in the sluice chamber, for doing her laundry. When Nilaam (the Orican) diverted Moya’s life forces to herself, the amnexus fluid solidified, imprisoning Chiana from the knees down. Usually it only solidifies during a Leviathan’s old age. Vitas Mortis

Amnexus System

Amnexus System: When Moya was pregnant, there was a build-up of pressure in her amnexus systems. If it isn’t released, she’s forced to decompensates by StarBursting. When the Nebari invaded Moya, John claimed that Moya’s amnexus systems were in flux. He used this as an excuse to set up a fake Peacekeeper attack.  Jeremiah Crichton; A Clockwork Nebari

Amniox: A tool used for working on Moya’s amnexus systems. Jeremiah Crichton


Apothecary: A combination of pharmacy and physician’s office. Zhaan kept her stash of potions and lotions here and used them to concoct and dispense remedies for everything from headaches to intellent virus infestation.

Atmosphere Ducts

Atmosphere Ducts: When Chiana escaped from the cell where Salis was keeping her, the DRDs searched for her in the atmosphere ducts. Chiana later told Durka that she did a lot of crawling through the ships ducts. Durka Returns

Atmosphere Scrubbers

Atmosphere Scrubbers: Air filters. When Zhaan’s spores were beginning to clog the whole ship, Pilot turned the atmosphere scrubbers as high as they would go to filter them out.  Home on the Remains

Atmospherics Mix Line

Atmospherics Mix Line: This is the part of the transport pod that was crushed when John and Aeryn crashed into the flax. They needed to fix it by welding, but there was too much oxygen in the air. The Flax

Cargo Bay

Cargo Bay: Storage chamber. Volmae wanted to steal a load tannot root from the Peacekeepers, pile it into Moya’s cargo bay and sail off to sell the stuff. Also, Aeryn has her “gym” set up in the cargo bay.


Cells: Former prisoner chambers, the crew now uses them for their quarters.

Center Chamber

Center Chamber: The main room that the crew uses for gathering and eating.


Command: The room in Moya that’s comparable to the bridge on a ship.

Core Channel

Core Channel: T’raltixx insisted that he needed more light. Even though Pilot was already boosting in three extra core channels, he boosted in two more. Crackers Don’t Matter

Data Stores

Data Stores: Moya’s memory banks, where she keeps information on everything from birthing Talyn to Peacekeeper ident files. In DNA Mad Scientist, Namtar’s cartographic crystal was set to erase everything in Moya’s data stores so that the crew would be stranded near his asteroid. When John and Aeryn were trapped in the flax, Pilot manufactured a phony frequency for D'Argo in Moya’s data stores so that Kcrackic would go in the wrong direction in his search for Staanz

Defense Screen

Defense Screen: A device that, when activated, protects Moya from weapons fire. It should actually be two screens, one inside the other, but when they stole it from the Zelbinion, they only had time to get one. The used it to protect themselves from the Halosians (sort of) and again to counteract the pull from the energy sphere that was spitting out different evolutionary variations of Crichton. PK Tech Girl: Out of Their Minds; My Three Crichtons

Docking Bay

Docking Bay: The hangar inside Moya where incoming ships first land.

Docking Web

Docking Web: The Farscape equivalent of a tractor beam. It takes hold of ships and brings them aboard and into Moya’s docking bay. Crichton was first brought aboard Moya when her docking web grabbed Farscape 1. Later in Premier it brought Aeryn in her prowler aboard. We first got to actually see it when Stark returned to Moya after he had been dispersed by the Plokavians. Premier; Liars, Guns & Money, Part One


DRD (Diagnostic Repair Drone): Little mechanical workers, controlled by Pilot and Moya. who maintain the ship’s systems. A couple of them distinguished themselves as heroes (see One Eye and DRD Pike under Allies and Enemies) As Talyn matures, he’s growing DRDs as well. For particular DRDs, please look in the Allies & Enemies Category under DRD [Name of DRD]

Eight Senses: According to Pilot, Moya has eight senses. One of them enabled her to identify Kahanu, one of her Builders, as a familiar entity. Look at the Princess, Part One

Electrolyte Regulators (Mention Only): They contain metal and when the giant space fungus got into them, they shorted out. Promises

Energy Distorter: A device that would make Moya invisible to long range scans. Rekka modified Moya’s sensor modulator. It’s set so that she can choose from a variety of false signatures. Bringing Home the Beacon

External Vent

External Vent: During his birth, Talyn couldn’t get past Moya’s external vent so he panicked. Pilot forced a breathable atmosphere into the vent so that Chiana could try to cut him free. The Hidden Memory


Freezer Chamber: Chiana hid here to escape from Maldis’s prophetic picture. Pilot said she could last indefinitely in there if he raised the temperature and kept the air flowing. Maldis found her anyway and made the crew think she had burned to death. Picture if You Will


Galley: Moya’s kitchen

Hand of Friendship: See Neural Transponder under Weapons and Technology

Hangar.jpg (9147 bytes)

Hangar: Part of the Leviathan where ships enter and are stored.

Ion Backwash Chamber: It should be a big empty room, but the draks used it for their hive. It’s on tier seven. Exodus from Genesis; Through the Looking Glass

Iriscentent Fluid: Has something to do with the speed at which a Leviathan is able to travel. When D'Argo ripped out the wires that attached the control collar, Moya hemorrhaged most of her supply of this fluid and could only attain a speed of hetch two. Premier

MaintBay.jpg (9038 bytes)

Maintenance Bay: Moya’s workshop, where the crew performs repairs on their ships and equipment.

Narium Coils: One of the items that needed to be repaired in the transport pod. Chiana found some in a storage closet in the cell where D'Argo was chained. Eat Me

Neural Cluster

Neural Cluster: Moya’s nerve center. Zhaan suspended D'Argo in the neural cluster when he was infected by the parasite hoping that his cells would be fortified when pilot modified the energy field. When Pilot turned his talents to movie making to make Varla think they were under attack by the Peacekeepers, Crichton and Rygel did the hard wiring in the neural cluster. Beware of Dog; A Clockwork Nebari

Neural Nexus

Neural Nexus: Moya’s nerve connections. This is a very sensitive area and that’s why the Peacekeepers chose to attach their Paddoc beacon here. I, ET

Neural Turbines: When Grayza and Co. boarded Moya, Sikozu suggested to Scorpius that they hide in the neural turbines to  hide their heat signatures. Kansas

Pilots Den

Pilot’s Den: Pilot is bonded to Moya and remains in his den. He controls her through the console that surrounds him. The crew is able to approach him by means of several walkways that drop off on the sides.

Plexus Cable

Plexus Cable: Part of Moya’s neural nexus. It appears to carry an electrical charge. John and Rygel dropped one onto Moya’s floor to shock Aeryn and D'Argo into unconsciousness when they wanted to take John and Rygel for another dose of Nebari mind cleansing. A Clockwork Nebari

Radiation Filters: Pilot is able to open and close them as necessary to protect Moya’s inhabitants from radiation. Through the Looking Glass

Scalon Vapor / Scalon Vapor Return Duct: There was a scalon vapor return duct leak caused by the giant space fungus that Aeryn wouldn’t go near because she was pregnant and scalon vapor can linger in the bloodstream. Chiana turned the valve off for her. Natural Election

Sense Neuron (Mention only): Part of Moya’s outer skin that transmits readings to Pilot from outside the ship. Natural Election

Sensor Modulator

Sensor Modulator: The device Aeryn, Chiana, Noranti and Sikozu brought to the commerce station to be modified with an energy distorter. Bringing Home the Beacon

Sluice Chamber

Sluice Chamber: Laundry room. When Nilaam stole Moya’s energy to rejuvenate herself, the amnexus fluids in the sluice chamber solidified. During T’raltixx’s shenanigans with Moya, Zhaan claimed thet the sluice chambers were glowing. Vitas Mortis; Crackers Don’t Matter

Solanterum Fobex: The plant-killing compound contained in Scorpy’s coolant rods. In quantity, it’s mildly radioactive and it’s also a natural Leviathan substance, contained within Moya’s filtering system. John and Chiana sprayed Moya with it, the DRDs ignited it and the fungus was dead. Natural Election


StarBurst: A Leviathan’s only defensive move. It’s a faster than light speed travel method that Moya and Talyn use to enter interdimensional space-time in order to “jump” quickly from one place to another.

StarBurst Chamber

StarBurst Chamber: The room where the energy for StarBurst first coalesces. Losing Time

Strategy Table

Strategy Table: The table in command where the crew gathers to make plans. In Through the Looking Glass, it was just below a portal from the red Moya to the blue Moya and by standing on it and reaching up, the crew could change dimensions. It’s also been used to display holograms such as the marauder that was scanning them in Exodus from Genesis

Storage Bay

Storage Bay: A great spot to keep all those things you don't often use such as frozen Interions.

Synaptic Bypass: A way to work around Moya’s control circuitry and get manual control of the ship, In Durka Returns, Captain Durka knew all the synaptic bypasses and was able to prevent the crew from regaining control of Moya

Synaptic Crystal

Synaptic Crystal: A vital component of Moya’s control circuitry that looks like very large ruby. Rygel “borrowed” one to decorate his scepter in order to impress the Tavleks and then swallowed it for safekeeping when they weren’t impressed at all. Throne for a Loss


Terrace: An area of Moya that appears to be open to space on nearly all sides. John and Aeryn met there at the end of Exodus from Genesis and discussed Aeryn's recovery from her brush with Sebacean heat delirium and John's status as a "lesser species"

Thermal Storabe Casing

Thermal Storage Casing: Aeryn and Zhaan put information about the negative power vortex inside a thermal storage casing and sent it down to John and D'Argo on Acquara. The casing protected the map from heat on its way through the atmosphere and from water when it splashed down in a lake. Jeremiah Crichton

Threekay wire:  John, D'Argo, Jool and Chiana landed in Rovhu when the transport pod they were traveling in needed repair. Threekay wire is one of the items they were searching for to fix it. Eat Me

Toubray (Mention Only): Leviathan neural cluster tissue, consumed by many cultures to enhance higher brain functions. The older the Leviathan, the richer the toubray. Crichton Kicks

Transmission Core (Mention Only) Communications center of a Leviathan What Was Lost, Part 1: Sacrifice

View Screen

View Screen: Window

Y’tal Cavity (Mention Only): A Leviathan’s very first neural cell. The richest toubray comes from this area. De-fleshing it shorts out everything else on the Leviathan. Crichton Kicks



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