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Varla (Skye Wansey): One of the Nebari who want to take over the galaxy. She came on board Moya and temporarily mind-cleansed the crew. Her main objective was to learn Nerri’s location from his sister Chiana. Until then, Chiana thought Nerri was dead. Varla was killed by her comrade who was really working for the Nebari underground. A Clockwork Nebari


Vek (Thomas Holesgrove): One of the Colartas in Xhalax Sun’s Retrieval Squad. Relativity


Vella, Instructor (Elizabeth Alexander):One of the Interion archeologists on Arnessk. She was killed by the Old Woman, who turned her into part of the cave wall. What Was Lost, Part 1: Sacrifice


Velorek, Lieutenant (Alex Dimitriades): The Peacekeeper officer whose duty was to replace Moya’s original female pilot with Pilot. He installed the contraceptive device on Moya to prevent Crais’s experimental impregnation of the Leviathan. He and Aeryn were lovers until she betrayed him in order to regain her previous job as a prowler pilot. The Way We Weren’t; Prayer (Mention only)


Verell (John Clayton): An Ilanic scientst field testing a new weapon based on a black hole. His partner in this endeavor was Matala, a Scorvian spy, who killed him for the weapon.  Back and Back and Back to the Future


Vija (Rob Carlton): A gambler on the Budong who was a better cheater at the game than Rygel. He beat Rygel at the game and when Rygel didn’t have enough to pay his debt, Vija sent him to the mines to work it off. Home on the Remains


Volmae (Angie Milliken): The leader of the Sykarans. She’s immune to the effects of the tannot because she was infested with the root by the Peacekeepers. She wanted Moya’s crew to help her steal a shipment of tannot root and take off on Moya to sell it . When Rygel and his explosive body fluids convinced her that the Peacekeepers used the root for weapons and not food, she agreed to lead her people in rebellion. Thank God It’s Friday, Again


Voodi (Salvatore Coco): The cook and owner of the restaurant where Rygel and D'Argo were negotiating with Scorpius and Braca. He had hired Sko and Wa to set fire to the place in order to collect the insurance money. He was killed by Sko. I-Yensch, You-Yensch


Vyna ( ): The pregnant girl with the glass belly who was one of the clansmen on the Royal Cemetery Planet. She gave Chiana her blessing to jump off the cliff into the sonic net. Taking the Stone


Wa (Anthony Hayes): The dark-haired blue alien who was one of the two blue aliens who were hired to set fire to the restaurant where D'Argo and Rygel went to negotiate with Scorpius and Braca. I-Yensch, You-Yensch

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Wallace, Caroline (Erica Heynatz): One of John Crichton's former girlfriends. She was one of the people explaining wormhole travel to John in Unrealized Reality. When the crew came to earth in Terra Firma, Caroline told Aeryn that John had no interest in anyone other than Aeryn. Unrealized Reality; Terra Firma

Weldon (Teo Gebert): One of the treasure-stealing laborers on the lava planet.  Lava’s a Many Splendored Thing

Wesley Kenn (Mention Only): An equal rights advocate for the non-lawyers on Litigara. Zhaan was framed for his murder by Ja Rhumann and his minions.  Dream a Little Dream


Wilson, Ray (Phillip Gordon): He worked on the Farscape project before John left earth. When the Ancients created that false earth from John’s memories, Wilson was in charge of the facility where Crichton was incarcerated. A Human Reaction


Ray Wilson figures heavily in Karl's Stories of Jack Crichton


Wolesh (Thomas Holesgrove): Scorpius’s Scarran father who raped Scorpy’s mother in a genetic experiment. Incubator


Xhalax Sun (Linda Cropper): The Peacekeeper soldier who was in charge of the Retrieval Squad hunting Talyn. When Crais was snooping out Aeryn’s background, he learned that Xhalax Sun was her mother. The Peacekeepers had a recording of Xhalax visiting Aeryn in the middle of the night and telling her that she was a special child because her parents wanted her. This recording is in both Aeryn’s and Xhalax’s permanent files. Additionally, there are gaps in Xhalax’s service record but no explanation of why. She tried several times to kill Aeryn without success. She finally worked out a plan to kill a man who was pretending to be Aeryn’s father just so Aeryn would suffer. On the planet Valldon, Crais killed Xhalax because he thought she was about to kill Aeryn. Thanks for Sharing; Relativity; The Choice

Yoti (Mention Only): The designer of the VR game. He used Stark as a neural template with an infusion of Moya-John’s memories. John Quixote


Yoz (Motion: Dominique Sweeny; Voice: Angie Milliken): One of the Halosians. She was second in command on their ship but killed her superior to advance herself. Zhaan killed her to prevent her from ramming the Halosian ship into Moya. Out of Their Minds

Zerbat (Brett Stiller): Gaashah's son. When Aeryn killed Gaashah, Zerbat became the next in line to become Prefect. He had been schooled off-world and therefore wasn't as bloodthirsty as the rest of the clansmen on his planet. A Prefect Murder


Zhaan (Virginia Hey): A Delvian Pa’u or priest, Zhaan is 812 cycles old. She was imprisoned for 17 cycles for the murder of her lover, Bitaal, who she believed was using his power to sell out her home planet to the Peacekeepers. Zhaan is a self-proclaimed anarchist. At least she used to be. While in prison she learned to control her dark impulses and achieve serenity but every now and again she taps into these violent tendencies. She has a huge knowledge of plants and herbal medicines and has therefore become Moya’s resident physician. At the beginning of Season Three, Zhaan gave so much of her own life energy to resurrect Aeryn that she had nothing left to exist on and knew she was dying. She gave her life so that Moya and those on board her could continue to live.

Zhaan, Male (Rowan Woods): Crichton had to hack him down the middle with his sword to free Zhaan, the princess imprisoned inside him. Male Zhaan can produce a corrosive poison from one breast and a healing elixir from the other.  John Quixote

Zukash (Dean O'Gorman): One of the Kalish on Katratzi. Zukash was a bioloid and a member of the Kalish resistance. He helped start a riot among the Scarrans, the Kalish and the Charrids to cover Crichton and crew's escape from Katratzi. He was shot and killed helping them hijack an elevator. We're So Screwed Parts 2 & 3


Zylar (Patrick Ward): The Charrid that Rygel tortured and killed. Infinite Possibilities, Part One: Daedalus Demands

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