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Tahleen (Kate Raison): A Delvian 10th level Pa’u. She had a thirst for power, even killing her father because she believed he was a threat to her. She talked Zhaan into sharing unity with her so that she could learn Zhaan’s methods for keeping her serenity. But she was lying. What she really wanted was to steal that serenity for herself. Finally her followers saw her as she really was, insane. Rhapsody in Blue

Tak (Movement: Thomas Holesgrove; Voice: Nicholas McKay): One of the Halosians who claimed that Talyn had attacked them and in retaliation attaked Moya. Tak was killed by his second in command, Yoz. Out of Their Minds

Talikaa (Paula Arundell): Thinking she was an abused slave, Chiana bought her from a couple of traders. She was no sooner aboard than the trouble began. Talikaa was a Wolexian Arachnid who had the ability to enhance a person's dominant trait and then harvest it from them.  Twice Shy

Tallip: One of the Energy Riders who boarded Moya when she passed through their cluster. Tallip got into Pilot and refused to leave until the crew tricked him by making him think that Pilot was dying. Losing Time

Talnell, Dr. Trayso (Shane Briant): A Kalish medical officer at a border station on the way to Katratzi. He determined that Rygel had a case of Hynerian dermaphollica and locked down the station, thus keeping the Scarran freighter in port. The crew was then able to rescue Aeryn from the freighter. We're So Screwed, Part 1: Fetal Attraction

Talyn (Himself): Moya’s son. He’s the first Peacekeeper / Leviathan hybrid and a very powerful gunship. He was still a baby but bonded with Crais through a neural transponder. Talyn had a few "terrible twos" moments, but eventually he died a hero, going into StarBurst inside a Peacekeeper Command Carrier, thus destroying Scorpius's wormhole research project.

Talyn Lyczac (John Gregg): Actually, this person was only pretending to be Talyn, Aeryn’s father. He claimed that he’d changed the way he looked to prevent himself from being recognized. He was in cahoots with Aeryn’s mother, Xhalax Sun, who wanted Aeryn to suffer. Xhalax was supposed to shoot him in the belly (where he was protected and wouldn’t be hurt) so that Aeryn could watch her “father” die. Instead she shot him in the back. The Choice

Tanga (Tina Thomsen): Hybin’s daughter. She had a natural immunity to the narcotic effects of the tannot root and wanted John to help her people rebel against the Peacekeepers. Thank God It’s Friday, Again

Tara Desdi (Mention Only): A friend of Chiana’s who lived on the budong. After Chiana had moved on, she was attacked by the keedva and lost both her arms and half her face. Home on the Remains

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Tarn, Officer (Alan Cinis): The original commander of the Peacekeeper troops at the monastery. He was killed by an arrow almost as soon as we met him. ..Different Destinations

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Tarnat (Kim De Lury): One of the Interions. a guard, at the dig site on Arnessk. THe Peacekeepers killed him when they turned up looking for Crichton. What Was Lost, Part 1: Sacrifice

Tarou (Mention Only): A deity. Bekhesh became religious in the time between Throne for a Loss and Liars, Guns & Money. He spent his time reading the Writ of Tarou and later, after a few murders at the shadow depository, fancied himself as the Holy Warrior of Tarou. Liars, Guns and Money 2, Liars, Guns and Money3

Tarr (Peter Kowitz): The police officer who used to work for Ja Rhumann as a security officer. His blue eyes and moonburn were instrumental in proving Zhaan’s innocence. Dream a Little Dream

Tauza (Amy Salas): Scorpius’s evil (really evil) Scarran stepmother Incubator

Teeg, Lieutenant (Christine Stephen-Daly): Crais’s Lieutenant on his Command Carrier. She was loyal to the point of stupidity, and Crais killed her because she was the only other person on his ship who knew that he’d been ordered to abandon his search for Crichton. Which of course, he didn't.  Premier; That Old Black Magic; The Hidden Memory

Temmon (Hunter Perske): B’Soog’s brother. Chiana chose him over B’Soog when she used to live on the Budong. The keedva attacked him the day Chiana returned to the budong and Chiana stabbed him to end his suffering.  Home on the Remains

Teurac (Derek Amer motion/ Philip Hinton voice/Thomas Holesgrove body): One of the Sheyangs, he was the captain of the ship that looted the Zelbinion. Aeryn later recruited him to help rescue Jothee from the slave auctions. Teurac was injured and having problems with his internal fire-spitting apparatus. The operation turned into a rescue mission for Crichton and Teurac heroically blew himself up to save the others. PK Tech Girl, Liars, Guns and Money 2, Liars, Guns and Money3

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Theiadh (Laura Keneally): Fe’Tor’s sister and assistant in his freslin enterprise.  Scratch ‘n’ Sniff

Thek (Dominique Sweeney): One of the Colartas in Xhalax Sun’s Retrieval Squad. Relativity

Thonn (Richard White): One of the Peacekeeper commandos who boarded Moya when their ship began leaking cesium fuel. He was a host for the intellent virus for a time but passed it on to Chiana. Larraq, under control of the virus, killed him.  A Bug’s Life

Tolven, Rinic (Sandy Winton): The chief of security on Kanvia, he was also the son of the Sovereign and expected to take over as Sovereign. However, when his loyalty to his father was questioned, he lied to protect himself and the Strannat sensed this and killed him. Thanks for Sharing

Tosko (Lewis Fitz-Gerald): The Luxan ambassador who was joining with the Peacekeepers in negotiating a truce with the Scarrans. He accompanied Comandant Mele-On Grayza to Scorpius’s command carrier. Into the Lion’s Den Part 1: Lambs to the Slaughter

T’raltixx (Danny Adcock): A blind little guy with a big head and pointy ears who came aboard under the guise of bringing Moya to the transformation yards on his planet to adjust her electromagnetics. This was supposed to make her untraceable by the Peacekeepers who were hunting her and her crew. His real purpose was to alter Moya’s bioluminescence and use her as a light-generating machine. Crackers Don’t Matter

Treytal, Ka D'Argo  (Mention Only): D'Argo’s great-grandfather. Revenging Angel

Tumii, Dr. (Barry Otto): The doctor/clam pusher whose scheme to extract currency from visitors to his planet was pretty simple. Poison them with weirdo clams and then sell them the antidote.  Coup by Clam

Tuzak, Pa’u (Max Phipps): Insane former leader of the Delvian colony on the New Moon of Delvia. His daughter, Pa’u Tahleen, killed him because she was afraid of his influence over the rest of the colony. Rhapsody in Blue

Tyno, Counselor (Matt Day): A government official on the Royal Planet. He was in love with Princess Katralla but they couldn’t marry due to her poisoned DNA. When Crichton was un-statuized and the process couldn’t be repeated, the Empress agreed to let Tyno take John’s place as Katralla’s husband. Since she was already pregnant with John’s daughter, her DNA was no longer a problem. Look at the Princess, Parts 1, 2, and 3

Ullom (Richard Carter):Chief Protector of the Prime Hokothian. He infected Aeryn with a bioengineered case of Sebacean Heat Delirium after she’d assassinated his leader. He had the only cure. Promises


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