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Salis (Tiriel Mora): A Nebari. He was bringing Chiana back to Nebari Prime to be mind cleansed when Moya popped out of Starburst and crashed into his ship. He came aboard with Durka and Chiana. Crichton found his dead body in one of Moya’s corridors but it’s unclear whether Chiana or Durka committed the murder. Durka Returns


Sarl (Milan Keyser): Raxil’s mate. He stole her freslin-extracting invention and sold it to Fe’Tor.  Scratch ‘n’ Sniff

Rinic Sarova

Sarova, Rinic (Rebecca Gibney): The daughter of Rinic Pralanoth, the Sovereign of Kanvia. She and her brother were at odd over whether or not to help Crichton and friends get the chromextin they needed for Talyn. While she was negotiating with John, a Peacekeeper agent set off a bomb. Crichton escaped but Sarova’s body was invaded by the agent, a creature that resembled a cross between a skinned Scarran and a Halosian. Thanks for Sharing

Scarran, Fred (Ben Browder) When John dropped in on earth from the future, he told Kim Kupperstein, his younger self’s girlfriend, that he was Fred Scarran from the Gainesville Scarrans Kansas

Scorpius (Wayne Pygram): A half Scarran half Sebacean hybrid. The two sides of his physiology are at war with each other and only a coolant system in his head keeps the halves from destroying him. He’s single minded in his pursuit of wormhole technology. He’s extremely evil but in a very cold-blooded way, rarely letting emotion guide his actions. He chased Crichton all over the Uncharted Territories to retrieve a chip he had planted in John’s head. Now that he's in disfavor with the Peacekeepers, he's taken asylum on Moya. Another one of his weird traits - he's made stronger by radioactivity. 

Scorpy Clone: See Weapons and Technology

Seer Cresus (Voice: Mario Halouvas): A little four eyed guy who lives in a suitcase. He was either a fantastic scam artist or he was actually able to channel Crichton. The Choice

Selva (Kelly Butler): The head revolutionary in the nightclub. She ordered Kiryah to cut off Aeryn's finger so that the person connected to her would reveal himself. Sikozu volunteered to give her finger instead. Coup by Clam 

Sheriff (Tyler Coppin): In 1986, this poor slob ran into the crew from Moya when they came through a wormhole into earth's past. Granny didn't have time to blow pixie dust in his face to make him forget everything he witnessed and the last we saw of him, he was trying to make people (including two X-Files look-alikes) believe what he had seen. Fat chance. He used Rygel's pumpkin-art (right) as evidence. Kansas; A Constellation of Doubt


Shore, Karen (Gigi Edgley as Chiana): When trying to persuade John to visit Maldis, Igg (who was really Maldis in disguise) told him things that nobody in the UT except John should know. One of them was that John lost his virginity to Karen Shore in the back of a minivan. (John corrected it to a 4x4.) In Kansas, it turned out that Karen Shore had  really been Chiana and young John hadn't quite gotten the name right. When Granny blew the dust in young John's face and told him to forget everything, Chi went back and told him to forget everything but Karen Shore and the four-wheel drive. That Old Black Magic (Mention Only); Kansas

Shreena (Kerith Atkinson): One of the Pathfinders who crashed into Moya. Although she was worried about her family, she was instructed to give her life.  Self-Inflicted Wounds, Parts 1 and 2

Sierjna (Susan Lyons): The damsel in distress who kanished (appeared) in Talyn when he got too close to the Siren Star. Only Stark could see her and it was left to him to escort her into the next realm. Meltdown

Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu: (Raelee Hill): She literally ran into Elack while fleeing from the Grudeks. She’s a self-proclaimed Leviathan expert although most of her knowledge comes from books. According to Crichton, she's "too smart". Sikozu has fallen for Scorpius in a big way, but he may have killed her at the end of Peacekeeper Wars.

Sko (Ben Mendelsohn): One of the annoying blue aliens who planned to set fire to the restaurant where Rygel and D'Argo were negotiating with Scorpius and Braca. He appeared to be the leader of the arson team. I-Yensch, You-Yensch

Sloggard (Ross Newton): Frool’s partner, one of the laborers stealing the Tarkan’s treasure on the Lava planet. He was one of the men that Noranti danced for.  Lava’s a Many Splendored Thing

SSD Commandos: Possibly, Special Services Division Commandos or maybe Secret Service Drones? Anyhow, they're the Peacekeeper soldiers who came along to guard Grayza and Braca when they met with Scarran War Minister Ahkna on the dead Leviathan. Bringing Home the Beacon

Staanz (Rhys Muldoon): Staanz is a garbologist and former Zenetan pirate who thrives on what others throw away. When he was in a labor stockade, he was treated so badly that he turned against the pirates and enjoys warning vessels away from the flax. He and D'Argo set off on a mission to rescue Crichton and Aeryn with a little side trip to search a Luxan Assault Piercer for any maps it might have. Staanz turned out to be the female of his species, the Yenin, and developed quite a crush on D'Argo. The Flax

Staleek, Emperor (Duncan Young): The Scarran Emperor. He wanted wormhole technology from Crichton and was willing to trade Scorpius to get it. Staleek was a bit more reasonable than his War Minister, Ahkna, in that he was willing to negotiate with Crichton for wormhole knowledge. He got to go on the Wormhole Ride to Intergalactic Siberia with Crichton and meet "Einstein", who convinced him that John didn't possess the knowledge to make wormole weapons. At the end of the Peacekeeper Wars, he forged a peace treaty with Commandant Grayza, with the help of the Eidelons.  We're So Screwed, Parts 1 2, & 3; Bad Timing; Peacekeeper Wars

Stanis: One of the Interions who were in cryostasis on the ice planet. He was on a multicultural tour with his two cousins when he became sick and ended up in one of Tocot’s spare parts cryochambers. Jool’s cousin. Season of Death

Stark (Paul Goddard): A member of the Banik Slave Race, Stark first met Crichton in a prison cell at Scorpius’s Gammak base. He’s a Stakira, one of the Banik slaves with special skills, and he was able to comfort John during his incarceration. He’s a little bit squirrelly in tense situations. Stark wandered on and off of Moya, returning to lead D'Argo to his son, Jothee. He comforted Talyn-John during his final moments and transported the Eidelons' ability to facilitated peace from Yondalao to Muoma.  

Strappa, Co-Kura: See Co-Kura Strappa

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