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Paroos: The priest who helped John and Aeryn figure out why she had killed so many people. In the end, he himself killed E'Alet with a little buzz-saw attached to his chair. A Prefect Murder

Peacekeeper Barbie: See Niem


Pennoch (Jonathan Pasvolsky): Assistant to Scarran War Minister Ahkna, and also her lover (ugh). La Bomba; Bad Timing;

Pilot of Elack

Pilot of Elack (Voice, Dinah Shearing): The wonderful old lady-pilot who’s gave up her dream of dying in the leviathan’s sacred space in order to help Crichton find his lost friends. She and Elack did a kamakaze into the planet Arnessk, destroying Grayza's ships and allowing Crichton to escape. Crichton Kicks; What Was Lost, Part 1: Sacrifice;What Was Lost, Part 2: Redemption


Pilot of Moya (Voice: Lani Tupu): Moya’s symbiotic administrator. He’s bonded to the ship and has control of many of her functions. He always knows what Moya’s feeling and is her spokesman because she can’t speak for herself. His greatest wish was to see the stars and he accepted Velorek’s invitation to come to Moya.  Pilot was artificially bonded to Moya when the Peacekeepers killed her original pilot and was in constant pain for three cycles. After the events of The Way We Weren’t, he rebonded with her in a natural way. He shares a special relationship with Aeryn due to their shared DNA.

Pilot of Rovhu

Pilot of Rovhu (Voice by Sean Masterson) Rovhu was a prison-transport Leviathan that only had one prisoner, Kaarvok, who managed to take over the ship turning all the Peacekeepers into starving twins of themselves. Rovhu's arms became the main dish many times over because of his ability to regenerate them. Eat Me


Plint (Paul Shedlowich): One of the Peacekeeper guards keeping an eye on the team doing wormhole research.  Incubator


Plonek (Thomas Holesgrove): The Scarran that Grunchlk brought to Tocot’s clinic in case Scorpius was ill mannered. When Tocot inadvertently released him from the cryochamber, Plonek killed him. He was later shot at by a newly resurrected Aeryn and ultimately killed by John. Season of Death

Ponara (Anja Coleby): The Peacekeeper officer who insisted to Braca that he should take a prowler and head out to destroy Moya with a missile. When the Hokothian ship's hologram projected itself as Moya, Ponara was fooled and instructed Braca to blow up the wrong ship. When last seen, she was off for a little spin in the comfy chair. Promises

Rinick Pralanoth

Pralanoth, Rinick (Robert Brunning): The Sovereign of Kanvia who was bluffed into selling Chromextin to Crichton.  John aimed Talyn’s out-of-action main weapon at Kanvia’s government House and threatened him. Pralanoth was later killed by a Peacekeeper agent who took over Rinic Sarova’s body. Thanks for Sharing

The Proprietor

Proprietor: A very toothy alien who was running a merchandise booth on a commerce planet. Rygel bartered with him for iriscentent fluid. Premier

Raa’Keel (John Adam): A Tarkan Freedom Fighter gone bad, he was in the process of robbing the Freedom Fighters of their treasure when Crichton and Company came along. Lava’s a Many Splendored Thing


Raxil (Francesca Buller): The Joe Pesci of the Uncharted Territories. She tricked John and D'Argo into helping her retrieve her freslin-making apparatus. Scratch ‘n’ Sniff

Gary Regal

Regal, Gary ( Anthony Simcoe): One of the crazy images conjured from John’s subconscious. He was an astronaut who drove fast, lived fast and had the hots for Crichton. Won’t Get Fooled Again

Rekka (Peter Lamb): The ladies of Moya went to a dead Leviathan fused to an asteroid to find this guy (or someone like him) to  enhance Moya's sensor modulator with an energy distorter. It cost 16,000 crindars. Bringing Home the Beacon

Reksa (Mention Only): D'Argo’s grandfather. Revenging Angel

Lieutenant Reljik

Reljik, Lieutenant (Sean Taylor): One of the officers aboard Scorpius’s Command Carrier. He’s extremely xenophobic, hates Luxans in particular, and instigated an attack on D'Argo. His new best friend is Comandant Mele-On Grayza. Into the Lion’s Den Parts 1 and 2


Rhed (Michael Tuahine): One of the Peacekeeper commandos who brought the intellent virus aboard Moya. He was killed by Thonn, another commando. A Bug’s Life

Rinlo (Damian Hunter): The Peacekeeper who advised Braca not to go after Moya using a prowler to launch a missile. He claimed that a prowler wasn't powerful enough for the task. When Ponara contradicted him, Braca sailed off to failure. Promises


Rinon  (Tuk Akindoyeni): The poor Peackeeper pilot who got liquefied during Scorpius’s first biological trial in his wormhole research. Losing Time


Rokon (Kevin Copeland): He thought John was a rival for Lishala’s affections. In his jealousy he attacked John and D'Argo and accused them of attacking him. His mother wanted him to become ruler of Acquara but he only wanted to be with Lishala. Different goals, same result since Lishala was the ruler’s daughter and her mate would rule. Jeremiah Crichton


ro-NA (Francesca Buller): One of the palace servants. She betrayed the empress for money and led John into Scorpius’s trap. She died during John’s battle with Braca. Look at the Princess, Parts 1 and 2


Rorf (Jeremy Sims): He was a bounty hunter searching for D'Argo, Rygel and Zhaan. He joined forces with Butch and Sundance for an 80/40 split of the reward. Rorf and his mate, Rorg, captured D'Argo and tortured him for information. D'Argo came back for him about a cycle later so that he could help with the robbery of the Shadow Depository. Rorf died during Crichton’s rescue, but not before making sure his portion of the loot went to his mate. Til the Blood Runs Clear, Liars, Guns and Money Parts 2 and 3


Rorg (Jo Kerrigan): She was Rorf’s mate. While he was the dominant partner, it was her sense of smell that led them to their prey. She became pregnant and was unable to accompany him to the Shadow Depository.  Til the Blood Runs Clear: Liars, Guns and Money, Part 2

Rygel IX (Mention Only): One of Rygel’s ancestors who was either a hero or an idiot, depending on who you’re listening to. He single handedly led the climactic charge at the Battle of Katreen.  Infinite Possibilities, Part One: Daedalus Demands

Rygel X (Mention Only): Dominar of the Hynerian Empire who sent out colonists to Acquara to expand the influence of the Hynerians. He stranded them on Acquara by installing a negative power vortex. Jeremiah Crichton

Rygel XVI

Rygel XVI (Voice: Jonathan Hardy): He was ruler of over 600 billion subjects before his cousin Bishan usurped his throne and had him imprisoned by the Peacekeepers. He was first incarcerated on the Zelbinion, a Command Carrier captained by Selto Durka. Durka tortured him mercilessly but Rygel eventually got his revenge. Rygel is used to living in splendor with servants to attend to his every need. He hasn’t endeared himself to the crew with his selfish attitude, but he’s proven valuable in negotiating and bartering for supplies. He usually ends up doing the right thing, reluctantly perhaps, but at least he nearly always comes through when they need him.

Rylani Jeema Dellos

Rylani Jeema Dellos (Sam Healy): Scorpius’s mother. She was born on New Heather and disappeared on the Motak Four colonization flight when it was attacked by Scarrans. Her transport pod managed to escape with her and her husband, but he Scarrans found them, killed her husband and captured her to use in their genetic experiments. Scorpius is the result of those experiments.  Incubator


Ryymax, Commander (Boris Brkic): One of the military who were hunting Moya and her crew when she landed on Denea. He caught D'Argo and would have taken him to be autopsied if Lyneea hadn’t misled him.  I, ET

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