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Naj Gil

Naj Gil (Voice: Nicholas McKay, Body: Thomas Holesgrove): A Scarran who was an escaped  Peacekeeper prisoner. While he was in captivity, the Peacekeepers removed his heat gland to weaken him and protect themselves. He survived an attack from Orrhn Pak only to be killed on a medical ship when Talyn destroyed it. Fractures; I-Yensch, You-Yensch


Namtar (Movement: Adrian Getley; Voice: Julian Garner) At first Namtar appeared to be a strange looking research scientist who offered the crew maps to their homes in exchange for a bit of their DNA. He turned out to be a monster who did DNA research. If the research was successful, he would graft the traits onto himself. He was ultimately reduced to his original form, that of a lab animal. His name is Rat Man spelled backwards. DNA Mad Scientist


Natira (Claudia Karvan): A very freaky blue alien. She was the administer of the Shadow Depository that Moya’s crew robbed to get the money to buy Jothee from a slave auction. She was Scorpius’s lover and was the one who planted the metallites in Scorpy’s vault. She had quite an eye fetish and was about to steal one of John’s when Moya came roaring by and saved him.  Liars, Guns and Money, Parts 1, 2, and 3


Neera (Deni Gordon): Head priestan on Acquara. She was afraid that John wanted to marry Lashala and become ruler. She wanted her son, Rokon, to have that position. Jeremiah Crichton


Neeyala (Victoria Longley): The Pathfinder whose ship popped out of a wormhole and penetrated Moya. She knew a lot about wormhole technology but she died before John could learn much from her. She claimed that her family would be harmed if she didn’t get back home with her research. Self Inflicted Wounds, Parts 1 and 2

Negotiator (Peter Fenton): The proprietor of a tavern who arranged the deal between the women of Moya and Rekka for the energy distorter. Chiana tried to kiss him into lowering the price but it didn't work. Bringing Home the Beacon 


Nerri (Simon Bossell): Chiana’s brother. She thought he was dead when his life disk stopped functioning but he isn’t. He’s a member of the underground fighting against a Nebari takeover of the galaxy.  A Clockwork Nebari


Niem (Imogen Annesley): Peacekeeper Barbie. She’s Scorpius’s assistant when he’s torturing people with his Aurora Chair. She’s a peacekeeper colored Sebacean, red hair, red lips, black clothes. Nerve, The Hidden Memory


Nilaam: (Melissa Jaffer/Anna Lise Phillips): The elderly Orican who channeled Moya’s strength through D'Argo in order to regain her youth. When Moya began dying, she performed another ceremony and reversed the process, saving Moya but dying herself. 


Nonk (Api Bavadra): One of the Tavleks who boarded Moya and kidnapped Rygel for ransom. Throne for a Loss

101Both.jpg (21534 bytes)Noranti (Melissa Jaffer, Amanda Wenban): She escaped from Peacekeeper imprisonment aboard the command carrier when Crichton & Co. destroyed it. Instead of leaving with all the other former prisoners, she remained aboard Moya. Her favorite habit is blowing pixie dust into Crichton's face, which gives him visions and insights into the truth. Her full name is Utu-Noranti Pralatong, she's a Traskan and she's 293 cycles old. Dog with Two Bones; Season Four; Peacekeeper Wars

Noranti, Dancing (Christina Ramon): She’s who Frool and Sloggard saw when Noranti danced for them. Breathing in Noranti's pixie dust had a lot to do with it.  Lava’s a Many Splendored Thing

Empress Novia

Novia, Empress (Tina Bursill): Ruler of the Royal Planet and mother-in-law of John Crichton. Her daughter, Princess Katralla, was next in line to be empress but she has poisoned DNA. The only compatible match ever found is John, and they were married at Novia’s insistence. She had immense faith in one of the palace servants, ro-NA, who betrayed her for money. Novia stole some of John’s DNA and made sure her daughter was pregnant. Since John won’t be around in 80 cycles when his daughter is born, she allowed Counselor Tyno to become the royal consort instead of John. Look at the Princess, Parts 1, 2, and 3

Nukana (Bob Nisevic): Grudek #two, the one who sold Sikozu the nebula pod for a hand full of crindars, Scarran currency.  Crichton Kicks

O’Connor, Alex (Darlene Vogel): Alex was John Crichton’s almost-fiancée who left him for a  research position at Stanford. During John’s visit to the New Moon of Delvia, Lorana (one of the Delvians) altered his mind so he believed that she was Alex and that they were married. Rhapsody in Blue

Ogre (Lani Tupu): He was Printheth Aeryn's boyfriend in the Virtual Reality game that trapped Crichton and Chiana. John Quixote 

Lieutenant Ohm

Om, Lt. (Jake Blundell): One of Crais’s officers on the Command Carrier That Old Black Magic He also appeared in the background in Into the Lion's Den


Oo-Nii (Steve Le Marquand): An aquatic being who lived on Arnessk. He was immune to the magnetics on Arnessk and wanted the Darnaz probes for himself in order to collect the bounty. What Was Lost, parts 1 and 2

DRD One Eye

One-Eye: The DRD that John first injured when he popped the canopy of Farscape One in Premier. He later repaired it with blue electrical tape. He showed up again at the end of Season One as John was recording a farewell message to his father. In Look at the Princess, it was the DRD that Zhaan instructed to flip the switch that started Farscape One’s engine, causing Kahanu to be sucked into the exhaust pipes.  It was a hero once more when it detected the source of the storm-attracting signal in Borlik. Premier; Family Ties; Look at the Princess, Part 3; Suns and Lovers

Orrhn Pak

Orrhn Pak (Alexandra Fowler, Voice): A Hynerian female who escaped from the Peacekeepers. She was to be part of a weapons test, actually a target of the test, but escaped and took refuge on Moya. She pretended to fall for Rygel only to attempt to betray him to the Peacekeepers in exchange for her own freedom. Fractures


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