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Lieutenant Darinta Larell

Larell, Lieutenant Darinta (Lenore Smith): One of Captain Crais’s lovers before he defected from the Peacekeepers. She pretended to still have feelings for him when he brought Talyn aboard the Command Carrier to be healed but she was actually a spy for Scorpius.  Into the Lion’s Den, Parts 1 & 2

Larraq (Paul Leyden): Peacekeeper commando Captain Larraq brought what was left of his team aboard Moya when his Marauder began leaking fuel. His cargo, an intellent virus, soon escaped from its containment crate, infecting several people on board Moya, including himself. While the virus was in Larraq, he stabbed Aeryn and escaped in his Marauder, but he didn’t get very far. Crichton talked Pilot into initiating StarBurst which lit the leaking fuel like a fuse, exploding the Marauder and killing Larraq along with the virus inside of him. Before he was infected with the virus, he was attracted to Aeryn, wondering why she was wasting her life on a science mission aboard a Leviathan instead of becoming a commando. A Bug’s Life

Laytun (Mention Only): D'Argo’s father. Revenging Angel


Lennok, Colonel (Terry Serio) One of the Veneks attacking the nurses at the Jacacean Monastery ..Different Destinations

Levy, Mrs. Dot (Louise Fox): The Crichton family's nosy neighbor who kept snooping around the abandoned drug house where Moya's crew were hiding. Kansas


Liko (Grant Bowler): He helped Zhaan overpower Maldis by combining his own strength with Zhaan’s. He was once a powerful being but when Maldis arrived on his planet he was reduced to a shopkeeper. He pushed Zhaan into using her darker side to bring Maldis into the corporeal realm so that Crichton could punch him out. Overcoming Maldis proved to be too much for Liko, who died as a result. That Old Black Magic


Linfer (Johanna Kerrigan): One of Scorpius’s research assistants. She offered to be a test pilot so she could escape and offer John the wormhole technology in exchange for Moya. She made it through the wormhole without liquefying, but the effect was only postponed. She soon began liquefying, and left Moya in her prowler to blow herself up in space. Losing Time; Incubator


Lishala (Natalie Mendoza): She was the daughter of Kato-re, the leader of her planet, Aquara. Lishala became infatuated with Crichton when he got marooned there. When Rygel and D'Argo came to rescue John, she and the rest of the Aquarans thought that Rygel had come to “rise up and lead them into the light”. She wasn’t too pleased by this because she didn’t want to be led into the light, she wanted to stay right where she was. Jeremiah Crichton

Lo'laanLo’lann (Alison Fox in They've Got a Secret and Rachel Gordon in Mental as Anything): She was D'Argo’s Sebacean wife and Jothee’s mother. D'Argo had always believed that her xenophobic brother, Macton, murdered her to keep her away from D'Argo, who carries her holographic image under his skin. Her death was actually an accident, but Macton framed D'Argo for the murder. They’ve Got a Secret; Mental as Anything

Douglas Logan

Logan, Douglas (Rygel XVI, Dominar of the Hynerian Empire): D. Logan was John Crichton’s imaginary boss during his mind-frell by the Scarran. Won’t Get Fooled Again


Lomus (Peter Astridge):The Sheyang who knocked out his captain and tried to incapacitate Moya so he could raid her. Gilina, the PK tech girl, helped to install a defense screen on Moya just in time to protect the ship and crew from the Sheyang shot. Lomus then piloted his ship through holes in the defense screen and boarded Moya. While he was attacking Crichton and Gilina, Aeryn shot him, making a huge fiery mess.  PK Tech Girl


Lorana (Darlene Vogel): One of the Delvian missionaries on the New Moon of Delvia. She made Crichton see her as Alex, his former girlfriend. He even believed they were married. When she realized how insane her leader, Tahleen, had become, she gave John back his reality in time to defeat Tahleen, Rhapsody in Blue


Lyneea (Mary Mara): Her greatest dream came true when she met John Crichton. Since she was a child she had searched the skies for intelligent life. Her work was funded by the military seemed similar to that of SETI on earth. John found the clorium (onlux) he was searching for in her kitchen and she helped distract the military long enough for John and D'Argo to escape back to Moya and leave her planet. I, ET

Macton Tal (Blair Venn): D'Argo’s brother-in-law. He murdered his sister Lo’laan and framed D’Argo for the crime. Now D'Argo has a data chip from Scorpius telling him about Macton’s wherabouts and he’s plotting his revenge. Macton learned that D'Argo was hunting him so he showed up at Mental Arts Training Camp to confront D'Argo. They’ve Got a Secret, Family Ties, Into the Lion’s Den, Part 1: Lambs to the Slaughter; Dog with Two Bones; Mental as Anything

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Maldis (Chris Haywood): An evil sorcerer who feeds on pain and suffering. He stole John Crichton’s spirit and pitted it against that of Captain Crais so he could feed on their hatred. His ultimate goal was to lure Crais’s Command Carrier into range. He’d then have a whole shipload of emotions to feed off of. Zhaan and Liko managed to overcome him but he wasn’t killed, only dispersed. He came back the following cycle to get revenge on Zhaan but she once again dispersed him. That Old Black Magic, Picture if You Will

Marella (Olivia Pigeot): She worked as a masseuse at a spa where genetic transformations were also offered for sale. Bringing Home the Beacon

Markir Tal

Markir Tal (Matt Doran): The Peacekeeper who was overpowered by his prisoners, A Scarran, A Nebari, and a Hynerian. They then dragged him to Moya as a calling card. Fractures

Maryk, Grand Chancellor (Linel Haft): He was in charge of the Peacekeeper fleet during their war with the Scarrans until he was killed by Commandant Grayza. She thought that Maryk was a bit too peaceful for her taste and killed him so that she could take over command. Peacekeeper Wars

Matala (Lisa Hensley): A Scorvian spy genetically altered to look like an Ilanic. She worked with Verell to find a way to use black holes as weapons only to kill him when he was successful. She was killed by the black hole weapon while escaping from Moya. Back and Back and Back to the Future


Meelak (Malcolm Kennard): A member of the Nebari resistance movement, he posed as Varla’s assistant. He was actually a friend of Chiana’s brother Nerri and brought her a holographic recording of her brother. A Clockwork Nebari


Melkor (Damian de Montemas): The leader of the Peacekeeper commando team who boarded Moya looking for Crichton. When the Monarch of the Draks raised the heat, he and his squad began to suffer from Sebacean heat delirium. John set the commandos free and sent them back to Crais with a warning not to mess with the human. Exodus from Genesis

Mitols (Anthony Martin): Fe’Tor’s grunt and muscle man on LoMo. Scratch ‘n’ Sniff


M’Lee (Francesca Buller): A calcivore. A group of botanists stranded her family on an asteroid in order to rid it of animal species. When the animals were gone, they turned on each other and finally on the botanists. She was starving to death when Moya heard her distress call. Bone to be Wild

Molayne, Captain (William Zappa): The Peacekeeper captain Scorpius surrendered to in order to learn about his parents. He traded information about the Scarrans to Captain Molayne and in return, Molayne told Scorpius who his mother was, where he was born, and . Incubator


Molnon (Anthony Hayes): Creepy mushroom pusher and leader of the clansmen on the Royal Cemetery Planet. Taking the Stone

Monarch of the Draks

Monarch of the Draks (Virginia Hey): She came aboard Moya to give birth to her offspring. When she raised the heat on the ship, the crew, especially Aeryn, began to suffer. The crew made her believe that they meant her no harm, but when Peacekeepers came aboard and began killing her young she again raised the temperature. Rygel heroically entered her birthing chamber and reasoned with her.  Exodus from Genesis

Moordil (Thomas Holesgrove): The bartender in the commerce station located near the twin suns of Quell. When a gamma disturbance rocked the station, he was injured. Despite Zhaans help he soon died from his wounds. Suns and Lovers

Morrok (Sacha Horler): The alien who was imprisoned on the Scarran ship with Aeryn. She was actually a Scarran spy who tried to talk Aeryn into taking some pills which would make her more apt to answer questions. When Morrock admitted that she was working for the Scarrans, Aeryn killed her. Prayer


Moya: A biomechanoid of the species Leviathan. Moya is both friend and home to her crew, providing them with a breathable atmosphere and a place to live. She’s a very nervous ship who’s easily frightened. Her symbiotic Pilot spends much of his time trying to keep her calm. See BioMechanoid category for more information


Mu-Quillus (Mark Mitchell): A being who looked like he was part lava and part devil with the ability to switch between matter and energy.  He was hired by the Prahtikrah to lure Leviathans into the Siren Star. Meltdown

Muoma (Sandy Gore): She's the Eidelon who was about to perform the wedding ceremony for Crichton & Aeryn when Scorpy showed up looking for John. She sent Pikal and Caa'ta along on Moya to find Arnessk, their spiritual center which they believed was gone forever along with all of the remaining Eidelons. Eventually, Stark, who had acquired the Eidelon powers during the death of Yondalao, transmited them to her and she was one of the Eidelons who assisted in the peace treaty between the Peacekeepers and the Scarrans. Peacekeeper Wars

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