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Igg (Chris Haywood): Igg is Maldis’s jester-like manifestation and was the first of the Maldis personalities to speak to Crichton. Igg knew things about John that nobody in that end of space should have known and he hoodwinked John with the promise of a way home. Igg stole John’s spirit and left his soulless body on the ground for his shipmates to find.  That Old Black Magic

Warlord Ilkog Ilkog, Warlord (Peter Whittle): The leader of the Grudeks, a bunch of tubray harvestors. He was killed while on Elack when Crichton, Sikozu and Chiana blew set off an explosion. Crichton Kicks

Interdimensional Being

Interdimensional Entity (voiced by June Salter): The being who lives in the space between dimensions. When Moya became stuck in StarBurst, it was this entity who made itself known by communicating with prime numbers. It then guided Moya’s reverse StarBurst back into normal space. Through the Looking Glass

Ja Rhumann

Ja Rhumann (Steve Jacobs): An unscrupulous lawyer who was senior partner in the current ruling law firm on Litigara. He and his associates used Zhaan as a scapegoat in the murder of Wesley Kenn, an equal rights advocate. When Chiana and Rygel defended Zhaan at her trial, they were able to prove, using fast talking and a bit of trickery, that Ja Rhumann and his cohorts were the guilty parties. Dream a Little Dream

Jabuka Clan Chief (Peter Whitford): The Jabuka is one of the warring clans on the planet where Moya stopped for supplies. This character didn't want Gaashah to become Prefect and threatened him with murder A Prefect Murder


Janixx (Natasha Beaumont) One of the Lost People on the Royal Cemetery Planet who chose not to take the stone at the age of 22. She was deformed by radiation poisoning because of this and shunned by the rest of the clan. Taking the Stone

Jav (Mention Only): One of the miners on the budong who found a lot of nogelti crystals and left before Chiana returned to the mining camp in search of food. Home on the Remains

Commander Javio

Javio, Commander (Stephen Leeder): The commander of the Gammak base where John and Chiana went to find a paraphoral nerve tissue graft for Aeryn. Javio had the hots for Chiana who kept him occupied while John went about the business of saving Aeryn. When Gilina set off a false reactor overload alarm, Javio was the first to run for a prowler. But Chiana needed that prowler so she barbecued him and made her getaway. Nerve


Jenavian Charto (Bianca Chiminello): Jena was a Peacekeeper Disruptor assigned to keep Prince Clavor from becoming emperor. She posed as his air headed fiancée in order to keep an eye on him. When Crichton came to town, she believed he also was a Peacekeeper and saved his life a couple of times. After one of the rescues, she and John spent the evening recreating before she returned to the palace to continue her mission. Look At The Princess, Parts 1, 2, and 3

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Jenek (Jason Clarke): The nasty Scarran (one of many) who ran the research vessel where Aeryn was imprisoned. Prayer; Fetal Attraction; Hot to Katratzi; La Bomba

Jenna (Mention only): The person (presumably the pimp or madam) in the bar on Kanvia who does the hiring. Thanks for Sharing


Joolushka Tunai Fenta Hovalis /Jool (Tammy MacIntosh): Jool was one of the three Interion cousins in cryostasis at Tucot’s spare body parts facility. She woke up on Moya 22 cycles after she had been frozen during a multicultural tour with her cousins. They were dead and she found herself alone with a bunch of aliens. When she gets scared, she lets loose a metal-melting scream that drives everyone on Moya crazy. Her bright red hair turns even redder and brighter during emotional moments and she sheds all over the ship. She hasn’t hit it off very well with anyone, but Chiana and Aeryn seem to dislike her the most, probably due to the fact that she’s young, attractive, and has an annoyingly superior attitude.

Admiral Josbek

Josbek, Admiral (Vic Rooney): The officer from Peacekeeper Command who demanded that Crais give up the hunt for Moya and Crichton and return to his Peacekeeper duties. That Old Black Magic

Jotheb (Tim Mieville, voice): The kidnap victim in the cell next to Rygel who is next in line to preside over of the Consortium of Trao. He looks a bit like a four-throated grasshopper with red eyes. He must have a death wish because he tried to steal Rygel’s lunch. Throne for a Loss


Jothee (Grant Magee/Matt Newton/Nathanial Dean): D'Argo’s son. When Jothee was a child, D'Argo sent him away to protect him from the Peacekeepers. He was a prisoner in the Caton Mines for many cycles. When D'Argo found him he was about to be auctioned as a slave until Scorpius purchased him and set him free in exchange for John Crichton. Jothee soon betrayed D'Argo by having sex with Chiana and left Moya in search of a way to redeem himself in his father’s eyes. He found that way in Peacekeeper Wars when he came to the rescue and saved D'Argo & Chiana as well as the rest of Moya's crew. They've Got a Secret (hologram only); Rhapsody in Blue; A Clockwork Nebari (picture only) Liars Guns and Money, Parts 1, 2, and 3; Season of Death; Suns and Lovers; Peacekeeper Wars


Kaarvok (Shane Briant): He was the criminally insane prisoner who took over control of the Leviathan Rovhu. His ability to “twin” people turned a ship full of Peacekeepers into a ship full of starving animals.  Eat Me


Kabaah (Voice: Richard Carter): The Hangi whose eyes recorded the happenings in Scratch ‘n’ Sniff

Kahalan (Mention Only): The Delvian goddess that Zhaan prays to while she meditates and calls on for strength in times of stress.


Kahaynu (Jonathan Hardy): One of the Builders who gave souls to Leviathans. Kahaynu summoned Moya after she StarBurst away from the Peacekeepers at the Royal Planet. He came on board in a cloud of smoke and when he found out that Moya had given birth to a gunship, he told Zhaan and Pilot that Moya could no longer live. It turned out to be a test to see if Zhaan was worthy to be entrusted with the care of such a gentle beast as Moya. Zhaan passed with flying colors.  Look at the Princess, Parts 1, 2, and 3

Karohm (Rel Hunt): One of the Kalish at the Scarran border station on the route to Katratzi. We're So Screwed, Part 1: Fetal Attraction


Kato-re (John O'Brien): Personable leader of the Acquarans who allowed Crichton to camp near his colony. When he invited John to sit beside him (a great honor), he unwittingly stirred up the wrath of Neera, who wanted her son to become leader, and Rokon, her son who wanted Kato-re’s daughter. Jeremiah Crichton

Katoya, Master (John Brumpton): He was the proprietor of the Mental Arts Training Camp where Scorpius brought the men of Moya to strenthen their mental abilities. Mental as Anything

Princess Katralla

Katralla, Princess (Felicity Price): Her DNA was poisoned by her smarmy brother who wanted to become emperor. If Katralla couldn’t have children, the succession to the throne fell to Clavor, her brother. When Crichton was found to be compatible with the Princess, they were married and turned into statues, supposedly for 80 cycles. Crichton got “unstatued” but soon found out that Katralla carries his child, a daughter who won’t be born until long after John’s dead. Look at the Princess, Parts 1, 2, and 3


Kcrackic (John Batchelor): The leader of the Zenetan pirates who run the flax and Red Mentor to the Zenetans. He played Tadek with Rygel for the location of Staanz’s ship but he’s not as good a player as he thought. Rygel hoodwinked him, losing on purpose in order to give him false coordinates to Staanz’s position. He was killed by Durka. The Flax


Kek: (Dominique Sweeney): One of the Colartas in Xhalax Sun’s Retrieval Squad. Relativity

Kellor (Mention Only): The woman in Rygel’s past who forgave him because she knew he couldn’t go against his parents. Rygel said he missed her for a long time. The Choice

Nurse Kelsa

Kelsa, Nurse (Lucy Bell): She was the head of the nurses who took refuge in the monastery. She wanted to kill John because she believed he was a traitor for setting the Venik general free. She later begged Moya's crew to remain in her time to protect the nurses from the Veniks but they went back through the time window. As a result the Veniks all killed everyone in the monastery ..Different Destinations

Kiryah (Susan Prior): One of the revolutionaries who worked in the nightclub. Coup by Clam

Officer Kobrin

Kobrin, Officer (Aaron Catalan): Scorpius’s arrogant Marauder pilot who was overconfident of his ability to avoid detection by Crais and Talyn. Talyn pulverized the marauder with Kobrin in it, thinking he was killing Scorpius. Season of Death

Kopecki, Laura (Katherine Thomas): DK's wife. She was one of the people explaining wormhole travel to John in Unrealized Reality. She and DK were killed by the Skreeth. Unrealized Reality; Terra Firma


Kornata (Sarah Burns): Originally the main laboratory researcher, she was subjugated by Namtar. She overcame her fear of Namtar in order to help John find a way to subdue Namtar and return Aeryn to her original self.  DNA Mad Scientist

Kreetago (Nicholas Hope): One of the Pathfinder scientists aboard the ship Rados'splana that penetrated Moya's hull. Kreetago died while trying to sabotage Moya. Self-Inflicted Wounds, Parts 1 and 2


Kurz/Goon (David Bowers) Originally Kcrackic’s henchman, he was one of the Zenetan Pirates who trapped John and Aeryn in the Flax. He later joined Moya’s crew in robbing the Shadow Depository but betrayed them to Scorpius and was killed by Talyn. Throne for a Loss; Liars Guns and Money, Part 2

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Kupperstein, Kim (Nadia Townsend): Young John Crichton's girlfriend. Kansas


Kyona (Jodie Dry): A Peacekeeper commando. When Moya was infested with Draks, Kyona was part of the Marauder squad who boarded searching for Crichton.  Exodus from Genesis


Kyr (Jeremiah Tickell): One of the Tavleks who kidnapped Rygel. Crichton knocked him unconscious and D'Argo grabbed his gauntlet when it came off. Kyr soon began to suffer withdrawal symptoms without the stimulant the gauntlet had been injecting into his arm. Zhaan eased his pain with some fluid from her own arm. He confirmed Crichton’s statement that there was nothing of value on Moya so that his leader released Rygel. When Kyr returned to his planet, he began wearing the gauntlet once more and addicting himself to the stimulant all over again.  Throne for a Loss


Kyvan (Chris Haywood): One of Maldis’s personae. She/he ran a junk dealer’s shop and gave Chiana a picture that seemed to predict disasters. It kept altering itself to show another catastrophe, and the moment it did, the event occurred. The crew destroyed it a number of times but it always returned with another nasty image that soon became reality. Picture if You Will

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