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Gaashah: (Ivor Kants): He was next in line to become Prefect of all the warring clans on his planet. Until Aeryn murdered him. After his death, his son avenged him and got the job of Prefect in his place. A Prefect Murder 


Gahv (Peter Carroll): The second half of the bad cop/bad cop duo of Plokavians who interrogated those crew members who were present when Talyn destroyed the Plokavians' ship. The Ugly Truth

Gary Regal

Gary Regal (Anthony Simcoe as D'Argo): An annoyingly overbearing IASA astronaut in John's Scarran-induced hallucination. Won't Get Fooled Again

Gezma (Mention only): The deity whose Sacred Stillness was being defiled by commerce. It was in Gezma’s name that Borlik and her group of zealots used powerful gamma disturbances in the form of storms to attack the commerce station. Suns and Lovers

Ghebb Dellos

Ghebb Dellos (Nicholas Bishop): The Sebacean who was married to Scorpius’s mother. He was killed by the Scarrans when they captured his wife. Incubator


Gilina (Alyssa-Jane Cook) The Peacekeeper tech that the crew found hiding on the Zelbinion. She fell in love with John before she returned to the Peacekeepers. John found her again on the Gammak base when he went searching for a tissue graft for Aeryn. She saved him from Scorpius (temporarily, as it turned out) but was shot in the escape and later died of her wounds. PK Tech Girl; Nerve; The Hidden Memory; John Quixote

Gleeg (Jack Finsterer):The head of the labor squad who were stealing the Tarkan’s treasure. His head came rolling along while Crichton was fighting Raa'keel in the lava pit. Lava’s a Many Splendored Thing

Sacrificial Goat

Goat, Sacrificial: The ancient priests on Arnessk were in the process of slitting this animal's throat during John's look into the planet's past, courtesy of Noranti. What Was Lost

Tethered Goat

Goat, Tethered (Ben Browder): Crichton tied himself to Moya and lured the Brindiz hound into an attack. When the hound went galloping through a false wall into space, Crichton used the rope to pull himself to safety. Crichton Kicks


Grath (Thomas Holesgrove): The Scarran scientist who invaded John’s subconscious and messed with his reality in order to find out why Scorpius was so interested in Crichton. He continued to raise the strength of his “mind frell apparatus” until he thought he had killed John. Fortunately, he hadn’t and John blew up a pulse pistol in Grath’s mouth, killing him.  Won’t Get Fooled Again

Commandant Mele-on Grayza

Grayza, Commandant Mele-On (Rebecca Riggs): A high-ranking Peacekeeper who is among those seeking a truce with the Scarrans. She boarded Scorpius’s Command Carrier, capturing Moya along the way, and almost immediately became his enemy. She already knew of Crichton’s exploits and when he pointed Wynnona at her she became his enemy also. She has some freaky sweat-thing going on that acts like industrial-strength pheromones.  Into the Lion’s Den, Part 1: Lambs to the Slaughter; What Was Lost, Parts 1 & 2;

General Grines

Grines, General (Marshall Napier): The leader of the Veneks who would have negotiated a peace with the nurses in the Jocation Memorial but was killed before he could do so. After his death, the Veneks slaughtered everyone in the monastery in retaliation. ..Different Destinations

Grunchlk (Hugh Keays-Byrne): Diagnosan Tocot’s assistant. He was the Diagnosan’s chief deal-maker and price setter. Price gouger is more like it. He notified Scorpius that Crichton was at the infirmary having the chip removed from his head and at the same time he notified the Scarrans that Scorpius was on his way. Scorpius used him as a puppet to learn what was happening. Later Grunchlk  was quick-frozen by the Scarran and probably still remains effectively dead. Die Me Dichotomy; Season of Death


Haloth (Chris Haywood): One of the guises that Maldis assumed. He appeared as an old wizard who claimed he wanted to help Crichton make peace with Crais.  That Old Black Magic


Harvey (Wayne Pygram): Harvey, named for the giant invisible rabbit in the movie of the same name, lives in John Crichton's head. He's a remnant of the chip Scorpius put in John's brain to attempt to steal wormhole information. After the chip was removed, Harvey remained. Scorpius killed Harvey in Promises, But of course, he didn't remain dead. He was resurrected and again laid to rest in The Peacekeeper Wars, hopefully forever this time.


Hasko (Michael Beckley): One of Tahleen’s Delvian disciples on the New Moon of Delvia. When Tahleen wanted to keep Zhaan isolated, Hasko performed the spell-casting chant that caused D'Argo, Rygel and Aeryn to have the hallucinations that kept them on Moya. When he realized that Tahleen was closer to insanity that she let on, he apologized to the crew on Moya and asked them to let the Delvians deal with the problem without interference. Rhapsody in Blue


Hassan (Zoe Coyle): A Peacekeeper commando who came on board Moya when the marauder she was traveling in developed a cesium fuel leak. Crichton later beat her to death while he was possessed by an intellent virus. A Bug’s Life

Officer Yal Henta

Henta, Officer Yal (Marta Dusseldorp): When Aeryn served as a Peacekeeper aboard Crais’s Command Carrier, Henta was one of her good friends. She rejected Aeryn and her explanation of why she left the Peacekeepers and was later killed during the destruction of the Command Carrier. Into the Lion’s Den, Parts 1 & 2


Heska Tinako (Jaye Paul): One of the high bidders for Chiana during the auction. He actually bought her for 250,000 brandars but John and D'Argo rescued her. Scratch ‘n’ Sniff


Heskon, Lt. (Anthony Kierann): The chief of security on Scorpy’s first Gammak base. Aeryn tricked him into opening the door to John’s prison cell, enabling her to rescue John and Stark. Nerve; The Hidden Memory

Holt, T.R. (Morell, Geoff): Special Advisor to the President, he was one of the humans waiting for John when he returned to the present time from his past. Terra Firma


Hontovek (Zoe Dimakis): One of the Tavlek gang who kidnapped Rygel for ransom, she first refused to give Aeryn directions to Bekhesh’s stronghold. When Aeryn got her in a headlock, Aeryn got the information she wanted. Throne for a Loss

Ho'Ock (David Field): The cop that came looking for Dr. Tumii. He had the hots for Crichton both before and after he saw him dressed as a woman. Coup by Clam


Hubero (Kate Beahan): A Nebari who escaped from Peacekeeper custody and came to Moya for refuge. In the short time before Hubero was killed, she and Chiana became very close. Fractures


Hybin (Ken Blackburn): One of the Sykarans, who was immune to the zombie-like effects of the tannot root.  He had been a famous musician before the Peacekeepers arrived with the tannot root and was a leader of the “resistance movement”. He put the tannot poison absorbing worm into Crichton’s belly so he could elicit John’s help in the campaign for freedom from Peacekeeper rule.  Thank God It’s Friday, Again

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