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Dacon, Sub-Officer (Dan Spielman): A cook who became a hero in Peacekeeper lore by saving a nurses’ compound. History showed him to be a soldier but he was actually a communications officer and cook who had no interest in soldiering. He died delivering a communication that, in one timeline, enabled the Venek commander to negotiate a truce. In a second timeline, his death was useless, as the Veneks slaughtered the nurses anyway. ..Different Destinations

D'Argo (Anthony Simcoe): A Luxan Warrior, Ka D'Argo is really a teenager of his species even though he’s 30 cycles old. In the past, he fought in two battle campaigns and we first knew him as a typical growling warrior type whose first tendency was to fight and perhaps die for the cause. Any cause. We soon learned that he had been framed and imprisoned for the murder of his Sebacean wife by his Peacekeeper brother-in-law, Macton Tal, the actual murderer. Under all the bluster is a rather sensitive man who only wants to marry again and spend his life in a farming community with his family. D'Argo’s  main purpose during the first two seasons was to find his son Jothee. He finally found him but, as the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for. At the end of Season Three Scorpius gave him  the location of Macton and he set out on a mission of revenge. Early in Season Four, the crew elected him captain of Moya. D'Argo fought valiantly throughout the Peacekeeper Wars, saving the lives of everyone on Moya (some more than once), before being killed. John and Aeryn named their infant son after him.

D'Argo Unmasked (): When the crew was on earth, the enforcer (sheriff) told D'Argo to remove his Halloween mask. He saw exactly what he expected to see under the mask, a person who looks a bit like Star Trek's Worf (Michael Dorn) Kansas 

Das (Peter Scarf): The clansman who “took the stone” (splattered himself all over the bottom of a deep chasm) when he reached the age of 22 cycles because he didn’t want to become old and disfigured. Taking the Stone

Delek: (Mention Only) According to Stark, he was an ancient theoretical scientist who worked with center halos. The Locket

Dersch (Marin Mimica): When Zhaan was arrested for "jaywalking", he was her Public Counselor. He wasn’t too attentive, didn’t really care if she was convicted, and wanted her to plead guilty and accept the minimum 10 day sentence. Zhaan had a typical client-to-lawyer reaction: she tried to choke him through the bars of her cell. When Zhaan was later accused of murder he refused to put on a defense for her. He was afraid of being accused of a bad-faith defense which would result in him getting the same sentence – execution – as his client.   Dream a Little Dream

Devvak: The Cooreeshi bounty hunter who was killed by Crichton’s “bear trap.” I Shrink Therefore I Am

Diagnosan Tocot (Body:Thomas Holesgrove; Voice: Fiona Gentle): The doctor who took the Scorpy chip out of John’s brain. He also helped Moya recover from burns received when the crew fumigated her to get rid of the Karak metalite infestation. Tocot is extremely sensitive to airborne microbes and pathogens. Scorpius, having no further use for the Diagnosan, attempted to breathe him to death but he only knocked him unconscious. Rygel was able to revive him in time to finish the neurosurgery on John. He was later killed by a Scarran. He is also the physician who installed the coolant system in Scorpius’s head.  Die Me Dichotomy; Season of Death

DK (Murray Bartlet): One of John Crichton’s childhood friends. DK was the other half of the Farscape 1 research and development team. He remained at Canaveral while John tested the Farscape 1 in earth orbit. He showed up again as part of John’s Scarran-induced nightmare. When John returned to earth, DK felt that John was holding out on him as far as alien technology was concerned. In the middle of a rant about John stealing all the glory for himself, DK was attacked and killed by the Skreeth. Premier; Won’t Get Fooled Again; Terra Firma

DRD 1812: Named for Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture,"  this little feller is a whole orchestra in one package. It was John's companion while aboard Elack, and he painted it red, white and blue. 1812 came along when John found Moya. A natural leader, 1812 was a great little helper in defeating the Coreeshi.  Crichton Kicks; I Shrink Therefore I Am; Peacekeeper Wars

DRD One-Eye: The DRD that John first injured when he popped the canopy of Farscape One in Premier. He later repaired it with blue electrical tape. He showed up again at the end of Season One as John was recording a farewell message to his father. In Look at the Princess, it was the DRD that Zhaan instructed to flip the switch that started Farscape One’s engine, causing Kahanu to be sucked into the exhaust pipes.  It was a hero once more when it detected the source of the storm-attracting signal in Borlik. Premier; Family Ties; Look at the Princess, Part 3; Suns and Lovers

DRD Pike: When Pilot was infested with the energy rider, the crew communicated directly with Moya through one of the DRDs. Since John couldn’t understand the squeaking/beeping DRD “language”, he suggested that one eyestalk blink means “yes”, two blinks mean “no”. He nicknamed the little fella “DRD Pike” in reference to Star Trek’s Captain Pike, who was able to communicate only by blinking the lights in his chair-thing. Losing Time

Dregon Karzenova (Aaron Cash):  After hitting on Aeryn several times, he finally gets her to go on a rock climb with him. We soon learn that he’s a terrible rock climber. In fact, he’s not a rock climber at all and Aeryn breaks her leg rescuing him from his own ineptitude. Later, while sitting around a campfire Dregon gave Aeryn a new perspective on loving someone. Look at the Princess, Parts 1, 2, and 3

Drillic, Project Leader  (Ian Bliss): He mouthed off to Scorpius about biological trials to test wormholes. When the pilot came back liquefied, Scorpius ordered Drillic to be the subject of the next trial.  Losing Time

Durka, Capt. Selto (David Wheeler): The legendary Peacekeeper captain who imprisoned and tortured Rygel many cycles ago. Durka faked his own death but was still captured by the Nebari and mind cleansed for a hundred cycles or so. While traveling with the Nebari, their ship collided with Moya. They (Durka and Salis, the Nebari) came aboard Moya, bringing Chiana. Thanks to Rygel’s poorly-constructed bomb, Durka was able to overcome the mind cleansing and escaped from Moya. Durka later took over the flax from the Zenetan pirates and turned it into a “tool for power and profit”. Rygel got his revenge on Durka by killing him and carrying his head around on a stick. PK Tech Girl; Durka Returns; Liars, Guns and Money, Part 2

E'Alet (Jason Chong): He was hired by Prefect Falaak to induce people to murder anyone who might want Falaak's job. E'Alet did this by manufacturing insects inside his head. These bugs, called sgabba flies, would bite the potential assassins, making them vulnerable to suggestion, then E'Alet would use his psychic powers, compelling them to commit murder. A Prefect Murder

Einstein (John Bach): He dragged Crichton through a wormhole to a place where he could learn what John knew about wormholes. He found out that John knew quite a bit, enough perhaps to prevent more aggressive species from getting hold of wormholes to use as weapons. He promised that someday he'd remove the knowledge from Crichton's head. Unrealized Reality; Peacekeeper Wars

Elack (Dinah Shearing - Voice): An elderly Leviathan who rescued Crichton after Moya disappeared through a wormhole. Elack and his equally elderly pilot had planned to die in the Leviathan sacred area but instead they gave their lives to save John and the rest of the crew from Grayza on Arnessk. (Crichton Kicks through What Was Lost, part 2: Redemption

Ennixx (Allyson Standen): Aeryn’s granddaughter. During Aeryn’s flight to check out a solar mist she became stranded and out of time-sync with Moya. She lived almost a whole lifetime on the Favored Planet, having two sons and a granddaughter. Although Ennixx didn’t understand why Aeryn had to leave the planet to die in space, she went along with the idea and said a tearful goodbye. According to Stark, she probably still lives on the planet mourning her grandmother’s death. The Locket

Essk (Inga Hornstra): The waitress at the diner where Rygel and D'Argo were negotiating with Scorpius and Braca. I-Yensch, You-Yensch

Evran (Peter Knowles): One of the Sheyang who attacked Moya while she was docked with the Zelbinion. He was the guy who kept poking his head down from the ceiling in the Sheyang ship. PK Tech Girl

Fairchild, Dr. Bettina (Claudia Black): One of the people who populated Crichton’s Scarran-induced hallucination. Doctor Betty looked exactly like Aeryn except she had better hair. Unlike Aeryn, Dr. Fairchild was quite a party girl. Won’t Get Fooled Again

Falaak, Prefect (Bruce Spence): His term as Prefect was nearly over and he wanted to remain in office. He hired E'Alet to use his sgabba flies and his psychic power to create assassins who would eliminate those who would succeed him. A Prefect Murder

Felor (Julianne Newbould): The original negotiator Rygel was working with on Kanvia to get the chromextin needed to heal Talyn. The negotiations came to a screeching halt when D'Argo got into a fight over Chiana. Thanks for Sharing

Fento (Linda Cropper): One of the Plokavian interrogators determined to learn the truth of what happened when Talyn pulverized the Plokavian arms dealers’ ship.  The Ugly Truth

Fe'Tor (Tamblyn Lord): The chief freslin pusher/slave trader on LoMo. He had quite a business going. He’d use freslin to seduce his prey and then extract freslin from them. If one of his victims produced especially high-quality freslin, he’d auction them off to the highest bidder. Both Chiana and Jool were his victims. Scratch ‘n’ Sniff

Finzzi (Simone Kessell): The lawyer who broke Zhaan out of jail in order to frame her for the murder of Wesley Kenn, an equal rights advocate for the non-lawyers on Litigara. Finzzi was working for Ja Rhumann. She later electronetted Chiana and brought her to Rhumann’s office to warn her not to defend Zhaan.  Dream a Little Dream

Fostro (Cayde Tasker): One of the Deneans. He was the first of his species to make contact with an alien life form when he discovered John Crichton hiding in the barn. The highlight of his young life was when he shook hands with D'Argo. I, ET

Frool (Alan Flower): One of the laborers that Noranti blew pixie dust on and then danced for. Lava’s a Many Splendored Thing


Froy, Nurse (Stephanie Jacobsen): Scorpius’s blue-haired attendant who argued with Braca over whether or not to wake Scorpy from his “in-his-head conversation” with John. Incubator

Furlow (Magda Szubanski): The proprietor of the garage on Dam-Ba-Da where John took Farscape One to be fixed after his attempt at creating a wormhole. John paid her with the information he had gathered about creating wormholes and promised to be waiting for her in five years at the end of a wormhole. However, they met again in about two cycles. Furlow had discovered the secret to wormhole technology and was about to sell it to the Scarrans when John stopped her. Instead of helping John keep the technology from the Scarrans, she walked away while John did the dirty work and died in the process. Til the Blood Runs Clear; Infinite Possibilities, Part One: Daedalus Demands; Infinite Possibilities, Part Two, Icarus Abides

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