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Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black): A former Peacekeeper officer, her prowler (with her in it) was dragged along when Moya went into StarBurst while escaping from captivity. Aeryn was born into military service and took great pride in her Peacekeeper roots. At least until she met up with Crichton and became irreversibly contaminated. 
During her time on Moya, Aeryn evolved from a hardened soldier with only one purpose in life - to do what she was told by the Peacekeepers - into a caring and loving wife and mother. 


Ahkna, War Minister (Francesca Buller): Ahkna came to a meeting with Grayza under false pretenses. She persuaded Grayza to sign a treaty giving the Scarrans all the Luxan worlds in exchange for peace, but peace was never actually on the table. Ahkna betrayed Grayza immediately after the treaty was signed. She was obsessed with Scarran superiority and the defeat of the Peacekeepers, but thanks to Aeryn Sun and a shot to the back of her head, Ahkna's dreams come to a sudden end.  Bringing Home the Beacon; We're So Screwed, part 2; We're So Screwed, part 3, Bad Timing; The Peacekeeper Wars part 1; The Peacekeeper Wars part 2

Airek (Mick Roughan): One of the laborers who were robbing the Tarkan Freedom Fighters. Lava’s a Many Splendored Thing


Akkor (Nicholas Hope): The bank manager at the Shadow Depository. He had the pleasure of working for Natira. Liars, Guns, and Money, Part One, Two and Three


Alcar (Ray Anthony (Voice); Thomas Holesgrove: Body): The Scarran who sneaked aboard Talyn and demanded control.  Infinite Possibilities, Part Two, Icarus Abides; Also credited for: Infinite Possibilities, Part One: Daedalus Demands


Altana (Justine Saunders): Chiana’s old friend who struck it rich near the second liver just past the ribs in the Budong mine. She loved Chiana like a daughter and saw the ‘heart of good’ under Chi’s tough exterior. She wanted to share her loot with Chiana but she was killed by the keedva before she had a chance.  Home on the Remains


Arala (Virginia Hey): Zhaan’s pirate persona. She played the role of a pirate in order to get into the Shadow Depository and deposit Rygel. The end result of the whole plan was to rob the Shadow Depository of enough currency to buy D'Argo’s son Jothee from a slave auction. Liars, Guns, and Money, Part One

Axikor (Duncan Young): A Scarran disguised as a Coreeshi bounty hunter. Axikor had no interest in the bounty offered for the Moya gang. He just wanted to bring Crichton home to Scarranburg to meet the folks. The Scarrans wanted to know why Crichton is so valuable to both Grayza and Scorpius. I Shrink, Therefore I Am


B'Sogg (John Brumpton): An acquaintance of Chiana’s who ran the mines on the Budong. He kept any wealth for himself by training and using an attack keedva to kill those, including his own brother: who found veins of valuable nogelti crystals. In the past, Chiana had turned away his advances in favor of his brother, so when she needed his help he offered it but only ion the condition of her becoming his mistress. Chiana later doused him with toxic fluid from a budong pustule, costing him his arm. Home on the Remains


Bekhesh (John Adam): The leader of the Tavleks who kidnapped Rygel for ransom. When Crichton convinced him that nobody was going to ransom the Dominar, he let him go. We met up with him again when John rounded him up to join the band of desperados the crew collected to rescue Jothee. He was a reluctant participant, having found religion since their last meeting. When their original plan went awry, Bekhesh helped rescue John from Scorpius. Throne for a Loss;, Liars, Guns and Money, Parts Two and Three

Bintog (John Swartz): One of the Coreeshi bounty hunters, the second in command, trying to collect the bounty on Crichton from Grayza.  I Shrink Therefore I Am

Bishan (Victor Yerrid): Rygel’s unscrupulous and treacherous cousin who deposed Rygel and had him imprisoned by the Peacekeepers. Rygel’s main reason for living is to return to Hyneria, punish Bishan for all the suffering he’s caused and regain the throne. Bishan is currently out of favor with the Hynerian people and Rygel hopes to take advantage of this. Bishan sent a message to Rygel during the Peacekeeper/Scarran war, asking him to come home and help unite the Hynerian subjects. Premier; Peacekeeper Wars


Bitaal (Aaron Cash): Zhaan’s lover. The man who had invited Peacekeepers to Delvia to help keep the corrupt regime in office. Although she loved him, he was the man Zhaan was imprisoned for killing. Rhapsody in Blue

Bixx (Christian Bischoff): A Peacekeeper technician. He was assigned to do maintenance on the Aurora chair but Gilina volunteered to do the work so she could add her modifications to the chair’s system. The Hidden Memory


Bloy (Hunter Perske): Rinic Tolven’s henchman. Thanks for Sharing


Borlik (Leanna Walsmann): The Kampek who attracted storms to the Twin Suns of Quell in order to punish those who engaged in commerce in the Sacred Stillness of the Gezma. She hadn’t counted on Crichton and Aeryn arriving at the commerce station and detecting her sabotage. They were able to dislodge her from the station and she herself was killed by the storm that she tried to use against the commerce station. Suns and Lovers


Br'Nee (Marton Csokas): A botanist, one of a group of researchers who destroyed an asteroid’s animal life in order to use it as a greenhouse for their plants. M’Lee and her family, a carnivorous bone-eating species, were marooned on the asteroid in order to devour every bit of animal life and in the end, M’Lee fed on Br’nee’s group to stay alive. He was killed while reconstituting Zhaan with one of his species’ own inventions, ending up as another meal for M’Lee. Bone to be Wild


Braca, Captain Meeklo (David Franklin): A Peacekeeper lieutenant, made a captain by Grayza. He was Scorpius’s right-hand man and the one who did most of Scorpy’s dirty work. Braca is a xenophobe who appears to despise Scorpius for being half Scarran but there is also a little hero worship mixed in with the dislike. His facial expressions when he looks at Scorpius are fun to watch – a little bit of awe and a whole lot of ewwww!. The first chance he got, he apparently betrayed him to Grazya and became one of Scorpy’s torturers. He may be an obsequious weasel but he's a loyal one. He actually remained true to Scorpy while spying on Grayza. Braca was injured during the war against the Scarrans, but survived his injury.  Bone to be Wild and episodes through The Peacekeeper Wars. 

Cargn (Voice: Nicholas McKay; Body: Dominique Sweeney; Movement: Gavin Robins): The Scarran ambassador to The Royal Planet who poisoned Princess Katralla’s DNA. This treacherous method of securing the throne for Prince Clavor backfired on him when John Crichton was found to be compatible with the Princess. Cargn killed Prince Clavor when he realized his plan was a failure and he himself was later killed by Crichton. Look at the Princess, Parts One, Two, and Three


Chiana (Gigi Edgley): Chiana was brought aboard Moya as a prisoner of her own people, the Nebari. She was a nonconformist, a trait that is not tolerated by the Nebari, and she was scheduled for a mind cleansing. When her captor, Salis, was killed, she joined the crew on Moya. Her best talents are sometimes the crew’s - and her own - worst problems: she lies, she steals, she seduces, and she does what she pleases. Even so, she’s managed to endear herself to the rest of the crew, especially D'Argo. Off and on. Beginning with Losing Time, she has visions of future events and is able to see present events in slow motion. 

Clarence, John (Ben Browder) John told his younger self that his name was John Clarence Kansas

Prince Clavor

Clavor, Prince (Felix Williamson): Second in line for the throne, he tried to become Emperor having his sister’s DNA poisoned so she couldn’t have children. No children, no throne. He never figured on John Crichton, a non-Sebacean, ruining his plan by having genetic compatibility with the princess. Clavor was in cahoots with the Scarrans, which is the reason the Empress didn’t want him to ascend the throne after her death. He was killed by the Scarran Ambassador. Look at the Princess, Parts One, Two, and Three


Cobb (Richard Sydenham): One of the earthlings conjured from John’s mind by the Ancients. He was one of the military who put John in an isolation cell when he first returned to “earth” and he later imprisoned Aeryn, D'Argo, and Rygel. Cobb was also one of the instigators in Rygel’s death and autopsy. A Human Reaction


Co-Kura Strappa (Danny Adcock): When the first project leader in Scorpius’s wormhole search ended up as a liquified test subject, Scorpy gave the job to Strappa. When Linfer defected, Co-Kura became even more of a nervous wreck than he was before. Finally admitting that the wormhole research was more than pure science when Crichton destroyed the project, Strappa volunteered to have the knowledge removed from his mind in the Aurora Chair. Losing Time; Incubator; Into the Lion’s Den, Parts One & Two

Dr. Jean Cominsky

Cominski, Dr. Jean (Virginia Hey): While the Scarran was messing in John’s mind trying to learn why Scorpius was so obsessed with him, John’s subconscious created a whole imaginary off-kilter world. In it, she was the psychiatrist that IASA sent John to for analysis before they would allow him back on the Farscape project. Won’t Get Fooled Again

Captain Bialar Crais

Crais, Bialar (Lani Tupu): Captain Crais was shanghaied from his family’s farm while he was still a boy and rose through Peacekeeper ranks to become captain of a Command Carrier. When his brother flew a prowler into Crichton’s Farscape 1 module and was killed, Crais blamed Crichton and spent a whole cycle pursuing him all over the Uncharted Territories. He later defected from the Peacekeepers and was declared irreversibly contaminated. Crais died a hero's death, destroying Scorpy's command carrier and his wormhole knowledge along with it.

Father Crais

Crais, Father: Crais's father insisted that Bialar keep an eye on his younger brother Tauvo after they had been conscripted into the Peacekeepers. We all know how that turned out. That Old Black Magic

Tauvo Crais

Crais, Tauvo (Wadih Dona): Tauvo Crais was Bialar Crais’s brother. When Crichton first popped through the wormhole, Tauvo’s prowler crashed into him, ricocheting off Farscape 1 and crashing into an asteroid. Bialar’s pursuit of Crichton to avenge his brother’s death was a major storyline of Season One. Premier; That Old Black Magic; The Hidden Memory

Crichton, Bobby (Joshua Anderson): John's young cousin. He made videos of everyone within camera range and was lucky enough to get a tour of Moya with 1812 as a guide. Kansas

Also known as Coleman, Bobby, John's young nephew (Constellation of Doubt)

Col. Jack Crichton

Crichton, Col. Jack (Kent McCord): John Crichton’s father. His obvious pride in his son is overshadowed by John’s feelings of inadequacy. We got to see how John would interact with his father when the Ancients manufactured an idealized Jack Crichton from John’s memories in A Human Reaction. In Won’t Get Fooled Again, we saw him once more through John’s mind, this time seeing John’s darker feelings for Jack. In Bad Timing, the season four finale, Jack finally admitted to John how much he cared for and admired him.  Premier; A Human Reaction; Nerve, Won’t Get Fooled Again; Kansas; Terra Firma; Bad Timing

Crichton, John (Ben Browder): He’s a second generation astronaut with a doctorate in Cosmic Theory but he had always lived in his father’s shadow. When his experimental mission aboard Farscape 1 went bad, he was shot through a wormhole into another part of the universe, tumbling out into the middle of a prison break. The prisoners took him aboard their living ship, a Leviathan named Moya. During Season One, John is truly lost in space; in Season Two he begins to learn his way around and to feel at home. He makes friends with his shipmates and a bond of mutual respect is formed but he soon finds that his experience in the Aurora chair has left him with a little souvenir, a Scorpius implant is living in his brain and influencing his actions. In Season Three, the implant has been removed but the clone lived on in his head. Season Four has John finally begun to solve the mysteries of wormholes. In the Peacekeeper Wars, John solves the mysteries of wormhole weapons, saves the universe, and rides off into the "sunset" aboard Moya with his wife, Aeryn Sun, and their son D'Argo Sun-Crichton (Little D). He finally learned what his kind of hero is.

Crichton, Young John (Jamie Croft): He met his older self when John came through a wormhole into the past. Kansas

Crichton, Leslie (Carmen Duncan): Maiden name McDougall. John Crichton’s deceased mother. The memory of his mother was one of those that haunted Crichton when the Scarran researcher tried to make John think he was back on earth. Although she didn't know it, she met adult-John when he came into the past through a wormhole. One of her hobbies is reading the Tarot cards. Won't Get Fooled Again; Kansas 

Crichton, Olivia (Sarah Enright): John's younger sister Kansas; Terra Firma; A Constellation of Doubt


Cyntrina (Basia A’hern): She scratched her name on the wall of the monastery because she wanted people to remember her after she was dead. At first Cyntrina thought D'Argo was scary but he was able to make friends with her almost immediately. In fact, it was D'Argo who suggested carving her name; he even gave her his knife to carve with. When he returned to his own time, he found the carving in the wall of the Jocatian Memorial and remembers her as she hoped someone would. ..Different Destinations

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