The Farscape EnScapelopedia is filled with the people, places and things of the Farscape universe from Premier through The Peacekeeper Wars. It will always be a work in progress and I’ll add new entries and update old ones whenever necessary. I love Farscape and I love trivia so putting the two together is my dream project. I’d like to thank Karl and Amy for giving me the chance to play.  ~PKBarb~

Cast and Guests     

Who are all of those fantastic people who populate our Farscape episodes? What else have they done? Check out the professional lives of the cast and guest actors of Farscape.


Acquarans to Zenetans, who are they and what are they doing on Farscape?

Allies and Enemies  

Contains information about the many characters who populate Farscape from Premier through The Peacekeeper Wars

Weapons and Technology  

Filled with everything that is scientific or technical, industrial or mechanical. It also includes everything that shoots or explodes.

Creative Staff  

Includes everyone who writes, directs, produces or works behind the scenes. 


ShipsInformation on every ship seen on Farscape.


Everywhere that’s anywhere in the Farscape universe with the exception of areas of Moya or Talyn.

Units of Measurement  

Measurements How big is it, how much does it weigh, what does it cost? Look here to find out.

Munchies and Medicines   

If you eat it, drink it, call it an herb, or use it to cure the Klendian Flu, it will be here.

Say What?  

Say What?Includes Crichtonisms, slang, alien phrases, nicknames and epithets. 


BiomechanoidEncompasses everything even remotely related to Moya and/or Talyn.

Everything Else  

Everything ElseIf it doesn’t belong anywhere else, you’ll find it here.



This page is meant as a source of reference for readers unfamiliar with the AU stories found at Karlsweb. Often we're left to guess for names and terminology and so we invent our own. (Translator microbes not included.)

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