Zhaan Makeup


by Jeff



Zhaan Makeup by Jeff

Zhann Makeup by Jeff

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This make-up was done on my girlfriend while I was attending Complections, a school in Toronto, Canada. And since I couldnít find a model that was already bald, I had to start with a bald cap. I made the cap out of a material called Glatzan, a plastic that melts easily with acetone, as well as the eyebrow covers and ear prosthetics. After applying the edges of the cap and pieces down with Prosaide, a Q-tip soaked in acetone can be run along the edges to melt them seamlessly into the skin. Around the eyes however I couldnít use acetone, so I used latex to blend the edges there. Glatzan has changed my entire opinion about bald caps! So long as itís applied without wrinkling youíd never know someone was wearing it, the edges blend so well. The only problem is that make-up doesnít stick to Glatzan naturally, so I had to coat it with a layer of Prosaide first. After all the edges were blended, I applied the first of three layers of make-up to her face and hands. (A water based deep blue-purple.) I then went over that with a stippling of the light blue that was to be the main color. After that I added highlights with a very light blue, and detailed the spots in white with a shimmer powder added to it. I didnít have the luxury of an airbrush for any of this, so the detail looks kind of rough, and the make-up application overall took way longer than it should have, (8 and 1/2 hours!) but I thought I pulled it off.

For the finishing touches my girlfriend spent all her free time sewing the robe by hand, and the necklace is just wire with glass beads. And in case your wondering how she perfected that ďZen stareĒ look for the camera, itís because she really canít see a thing. I had a professional put two pairs of contacts in, one opaque white to cover her naturally brown eyes, and one brilliant blue.