winner, 2001 costume contest

Contributed by: Chad F

Email w/Questions:

To begin with I had to do a complete life cast of my head. Lots of messy plaster bandages and prosthetic grade alginate (a non stick casting agent used in dentistry) After my mold was made of my head I poured a concrete (Ultra Cal) positive. Now I had an exact copy of my head.  I used Oil Clay to first sculpt Scorpy's face with the protruding cheekbone and chin onto the life cast.  I made a mold of that. Then I sculpted the cowl onto the life cast, made a mold of that.


 I then took the two molds threw in some liquid latex and POOF a Scorpy face and cowl.  I threw a zipper into the back of the cowl so I could get it on and off. Then came the costume.  My friend Jim Livingston was in the Navy and sewed parachute's and bags and stuff like that and had a machine.  I went out and bought yards of black shiny material and some black crocodile print material and we set out measuring and sewing the costume together.  There was no pattern, we just made it up as we went along. We'll there is the quick and dirty. Took about 6 months to do it. (would have taken a lot less time, but I had to buy stuff in increments) If anyone has any questions feel free to email me And you can check out the rest of my pics at , just type in username metaphore.  ~~Chad F.~~