Peacekeeper Uniform

Captain [female]

Contributed by: AmyJ

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This uniform replica was originally accomplished by Karl. If, in the past, you have contacted him for instructions, please note that his version may differ slightly from what I have composed here. As with other replicas I have completed, I begin by trying to obtain a clothing pattern that is as close as possible to the costume as possible. In the instance of this command uniform the pattern I found was by Vogue. It is number 7362.

The reason I chose this pattern was mainly b/c of the construction of the collar. If you look at this reference image, you can see that the collar is not a typical mandarin or banded style collar. It is actually one seamless piece that extends from the panels of fabric. I know it may be a bit of a nit pick, but I always try my best to get the uniforms I recreate as exact as possible.

I did have to make modifications to the pattern in order to get a better match. This pattern [which is actually a dress] called for a zipper closure at the side. Here, I did not do that, but instead converted the front to the opening. Also, there are the very noticeable differences of the red/black panels from top to bottom. Using the Vogue pattern as a template, I hand traced on butcher paper the original side, front, side-front, back and side-back panels. On my version of the pattern I added an allowance to split the panels into two halves [one for the red vinyl and the second for the black vinyl]. I did a similar thing for the left sleeve. I added black piping [available at any fabric store] to the seams at the shoulder, the juncture of the upper body and the lower body, the trim of the front opening and along the collar, and the seams between the two front black panels as well as the junction of the upper left sleeve to the lower left sleeve. Other details I added were the nylon webbing and the 1" parachute clips at the front.

I hope that this brief description was helpful. I would be happy to field any questions other costumers might have about the reconstruction of their own command uniform. I can be emailed at