Aeryn's Duster

Contributed by: AmyJ

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The basic pattern that I used for the recreation of Aeryn's duster was taken from a Vogue Pattern #1266. The obvious modifications that I used from the pattern are pretty obvious. I removed the collar, added "kick pleats" in the sides to give it that "gunslinger" look and added as appliqués the detail seen on the front, back and sleeve cuffs.

The materials that I used were black and olive colored vinyl and a black satin for the lining. For the piping I used a ready made 1/4" variety in black. It's much easier than making your own, even if the fabric is not identical. The piping is used liberally and really ads to the detail. You're going to use a ton if you attempt this pattern. I was faced with the problem of making the olive vinyl looking dingy. The solution I found was to use brown shoe polish applied with a craft brush. Worked really well. 

The important part to this project and trying to pull off as close a replica as possible was conveying the detail. There is a lot of design stitched into the entire duster in a chevron or herring bone pattern. You can see the detail in a few of the screen grabs here from The Ugly Truth. In order to achieve this, I drew the designs on the reverse of the cut pattern pieces, then stitched over the lines with black thread. It took a great deal of work, but the results are great.

The back pattern was slightly more complicated, but the principle was the same. I drew the design on the reverse and then followed it over with stitches in black thread. The pattern was then sliced along the seams were the ridged edges were to go. The seams were then stitched together again, but inserting the piping within.

This project was slightly more expensive than others I've attempted. That's due to the additional yards of vinyl and piping employed.


I felt that an important detail to add to the sense of the costume, was to try to reproduce Aeryn's green (yes ... it's green, kids) blouse. This was fairly easy to accomplish because the pattern I found was a dead on match and required no alterations. This pattern was Kwik Sew Pattern 2600. The tough part was finding fabric. I settled on a hunter green faux suede that had a great deal of stretch to it.

I'm always happy to field questions. Or even if you have some suggestions! Please drop me an email. We'd love to hear from you about your costume projects! Send us some pics!



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