DRD Replica

Winner: Best Farscape Prop Replica, 2002

by Joe S.

email: Marineboy2@aol.com


I decided to build a remote controlled DRD for creation’s NY convention. The entire process took about 3 weeks, with the last week being rushed and cutting many corners. The main shell started with a wicker basket which I cut the handle off and flipped over. I then layered papier mache over the top to build up the curve. I cut a  2 inch thick skirt of foam for the bottom and covered the entire piece with BONDO. This gave me a hard & durable finish to work with. I then shaped it by sanding and carving. I bought some leftover “Butchers Cleavers” that were made of foam for Halloween use and used them along with a thinner 1/8’’ foam for the various raised portions that give the DRD “shape”. I cut out the rear section behind the eye stalks and the front section where the “arm” is located and recessed them.  I then painted using an industrial yellow paint like the one used in road lane marking. I distressed the DRD with a watered down black flat household paint. I made the eye stalks out of adjustable microphone holders. The “eye” portion is the end of a flashlight with the body cut off and then a 6V lantern bulb was glued in place. I made a second skirt and used 100 battery operated Christmas lights to give the “hover” effect. The front “arm” is made of wood. The end part is an extension cord plug with leftover parts from the flashlights used for the eyes. I wanted the arm portion to at least light up since I didn’t have time to make it articulated, so I attached a “fun wand” from Radio Shack which flashes blue. I sanded the acrylic rod to make it blurry and painted the end silver as it is in the DRD pictures. The “claw” is made of wood with wiring tubing used to attach to the body. I used red LEDs and embedded them in the “wiring” in the rear recessed section. I used the skirt lights as a power source. I then installed the Remote Control Car, running the antenna up inside the eye stalks.