Pulse Gun Holster
by Gary W


I took a large piece Extra Heavy Veg-tanned leather which I got from the Leather Factory. I did a free hand pattern from the Farscape Ayern doll where that was the best pattern to take it from.  After making the pattern out of heavy paper I checked that everything would fit when finished. The pocket for the Pistol was made by wetting both sides of leather and wrapping it around the pulse pistol and letting it dry overnight to maintain it's shape. Then I just winged it with extra pieces glued on and added some leather rivets to give it a 3D look. I also added the strap to ensure the Pulse pistol wouldn't fall out.
All items were purchased from the Leather Factory which is associated with Tandy leather. The Leather Factory is the best source which you can find online for a location near you at http://www.leatherfactory.com/