Crichton's Duster

Contributed by: Nick N.

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I first started by looking at some pictures of the duster. I started by making a paper pattern of the upper leather portion. The main bust is made of four parts. However I did mine as one piece. This looks better but takes more leather. The sleeves are two parts sewn together. The top seem has leather piping.

BUST- 4 parts- two for the front and two for the back with a seam following your spine around the front and the collar is more leather piping. The piping actually goes onto the fabric and goes straight to the hem line but not around it.
SLEEVES-2 parts each sleeve. The sleeves are fairly easy to make. The need to be slightly tapered to  the cuff. one seem line should be on top and have piping. The bottom seem has no piping. There is also some piping around the cuff.
When you sew the leather together make sure and take little notches out of the leather when your done. This takes away bulk and helps it move. DON'T CUT THE SEEM!! IT WILL FALL APART. Also you might want to invest in good scissors for cutting leather.
The duster is appears to be made of wool for the show. This might be because black wool films really dark on set. However where I live wool can be expansive and way too hot. I used a denim that works wonderfully, and is super dark black, light weight and cool. On the show his Crichton's duster stops about mid calf.
I made mine longer because I am six and a half feet tall, and it didn't look right. Looked like I was wearing a coat made for someone else.
I then used me trusty sewing machine and put it all together, add straps and buckles I got at an army surplus store add put it together.