Wedding Party [LATP]

Winner: Best Farscape Entry Overall, 2002

by Lisa


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The fabric: I searched for months to find a fabric with the strength to give the body the costumes needed, but would have the beautiful pattern on them that you see in the episode. When I couldn't find anything similar, I settled on a denim I found in the exact shade of pink-but still needed to somehow get the beautiful design.

The Celtic Knot Design: I toyed with the idea of creating a stamp-but nothing was big enough or strong enough. Then I thought of painting on the designing by hand, but figured out that it would take several hours for each garment. Finally I hit on the idea of using a stencil from a quilt stenciling website-which had a design that was nearly perfect. After the pink denim was cut, the design was painted on.  After the garments were sewn together, the red jewels (found on the internet) 

The Garment Design: I spent many, many hours (even days, LOL) going frame by frame thru my episodes from the show trying to figure out exactly the line of the different costumes for the different members of the wedding party. The final garments were made of a combination of patterns for pajamas, robes, Halloween and historical costumes, with a dash of 18th Century evening gown costumes thrown in. Some work was finally just done free hand.  The men's costumes are essentially a pajama pattern (made in the red satin) and a non closing jacket pattern made in the pink denim.  The Chiana costume is a straight skirt and square top in satin, and a bolero jacket in the denim.  The Empress costume is a basic dress (satin), with a flared cape in the denim.  The Jenavia costume is a basic straight dress (satin) and a jacket in denim.  The pattern used for the jacket was modified to mimic the angled bottom hem and the almost bustle on the back.  The Katralla costume is a basic straight dress with an elastic neckline (to leave the shoulders free) and puff sleeves to help puff the outer cloak (satin).  The outer cloak (denim) is a mixture of pattern and free hand.  The cloak is off the shoulder and flares out floor length with puff sleeves, it has a few hooks to keep it closed, and the "points" on the top were freehand. 

The accessories were created using a laundry basket, plastic eggs and foam.  All the hair accessories were made cutting out the grids from a rectangular laundry basket. Using the DVD, the pieces of basket were cut to match the patterns of the particular character, then the pieces were boiled and then molded into curves using bowls and vases.  Then the pieces were spray painted silver.  Hair combs were wired to the pieces to stay in the hair. The jewelry was made by using large plastic egg halves, spray painted black.  The patterns on the eggs and the background were cut out using pictures as a guide and spray painted silver.  Everything was attached together and large "safety pins" were attached to the back.  The Empress has a black beads strung on fishing line.  Jenavia's necklace was hooked to a silver piece of metal around her neck.  Katralla's and the Empress's jewelry was pinned to the cloaks. Chiana has gray makeup and a white wig to complete that outfit.  All the other women had white and red makeup applied in a similar style as on the show.