Aeryn's Duster

Winner: Best PK Uniform, 2002

by Carol

Duster+back.jpg (19819 bytes)Model: Marcy Deklerck

I made this for a friend to wear at the Farscape Convention in New York.I usedDuster+front.jpg (18088 bytes) the Vogue pattern suggested on karlsweb click here for this original set of instructions by AmyJ] but with my own alterations. It is made with brown and black pleather with miles and miles of black top stitching and about 30 yards of black pleather piping.

I also made covers for her boots. I intended to make them out of black vinyl but Duster+spin.jpg (24035 bytes) I wasn’t happy withthe look of it. I decided to use the vinyl as a lining to stiffen the covers and then cover them with the same black pleather as the duster. There are six adjustable clasps on each one.